My favorite movie- Avengers End game- By Madhav Prasanth

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I am sure that everyone, from a 6 year old child to a 70 year old adult has a particular movie that holds the title of “ Favorite Movie “. We also might have a specific  factor which made us to like that  movie. For example you might like a movie because it has excellent graphics, good  actors, excellent plot etc.  To me, my favorite movie is also one of the most popular one of all time and its none other than “AVENGERS ENDGAME”.

My favourite movie-Essay

I saw this movie when my father gave me a surprise. That surprise was 6 tickets to my favorite movie. I was thrilled. Since my mother didn’t like English movies, my father invited a friend  and in the end  me, my father, my younger brother, two of my close friends and my father’s friend went . The movie was excellent. It was difficult to pick what excited me the most: the visual treat  or the dialogues, both were excellent in their own way. The dialogue which I like the most is when Captain America asks Thor about the reality stone but Thor is all drunk and Black Widow asks “Is he asleep” and War Machine say “No, I think he is dead”.

The Movie starts when 5 years after the Blip, Ant man appears and proposes an idea of time – travelling. to retrieve the stones. The avengers who didn’t get snapped all agree and soon they went to the past. Thor and Rocket went to Asgard to retrieve the reality stone in 2013, Nebula and War – Machine went to retrieve the power stone in 2014, Hawkeye and Black Widow went to retrieve the soul stone in 2014 and Iron – Man and Ant – Man, Captain  America and Hulk went to get to get the space, mind and time stone respectively. However Ant – Man and Iron – Man failed in their mission to get the space stone. Meanwhile Black Widow sacrificed herself so that Hawkeye could get the stone fulfilling the condition. After the failure Captain America and Ironman went to Camp Leigh to get the space stone. But in 2014 2014 – Thanos captured 2023 – Nebula and time travelled to the future and released bombs just after they snapped to bring everyone back. Then the avengers fought with Thanos and his army  and in the end ironman sacrificed his life to kill Thanos.

However, I couldn't accept  the fact that Ironman died and will never appear in Marvel movies again. What is Marvel without Ironman.!!??? I like this movie because it contains a mix of some of my favorite genres. Suspense, Adventure, Science – Fiction and some funny parts. The fact that it is the last movie with all the avengers in is a little disappointment.  It is an excellent movie and it deserves awards like Oscar and British academy film awards etc... I love this movie and this will be always one of my all - time favorites.

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