Covid-19 Pandemic- By Baladitya Bowmik

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Air, Air everywhere, but not enough to breathe,
Covid has just left us all aggrieved.
Wonder if this wound will ever heal,
The worst may be over I sincerely feel.
With the renewed hope of the new normal,
Let’s pray to God to do something magical.
So that we forget the phase as a bad dream,
Let the Sun tomorrow rise with the new beam!

About one and half years ago a deadly pandemic called the coronavirus started. Before the pandemic I used to play with my friends and meet my friends in school, but now it’s all closed. Now schools are online, this is a huge issue for people especially kids as they are stuck in their homes and are used to online things like social media and online games. I really miss physical school because online school gives me a headache and eye pain. Due to this reason my eye power has also increased drastically. I myself am addicted to online games and social media.

After lockdown I was restricted even more as before lockdown I used to go to the gyms and exercise with my parents but during lockdown I was so bored, I didn’t have anything to do.

In 2020 September my sister was supposed to go to her college which was in London . We all had made up a plan that we would drop her and even have some fun, but after the coronavirus these all were cancelled.

This coronavirus has affected me and the people a lot as some of us can’t meet our close friends and family members. Every day, all over the world reports are saying that many people are dying due to this coronavirus. After listening I still couldn’t understand that how could cough and cold kill a person!

Every year I had my best birthdays ever, but after coronavirus arrived it’s all the opposite. It’s one of the worst as I can’t even go out and eat with my family, I have been stuck in my house for so long. I would be very happy when this coronavirus ends. This virus started from China and now has affected the whole world and even affects millions of millions people. Many people even lost their lives.

Life isn’t happy anymore. It’s really hard to believe that we have been sitting in our homes for almost two years. I never thought this would happen in my worst dreams. I hope this ends soon, but even after this ends we still have to take all precautions we are taking now

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