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Jack often gets ridiculed by his friends at school for his over obsession with nature. He doesn’t understand what problem is in it.
One day at school, teacher Nick was explaining an algebraic Math to the students. Jack was not paying attention to the explanation, and was looking outside the window.

Teacher: “Jack! Where are you looking at? Pay attention to the explanation. Otherwise, I’ll have to punish you.”
Jack was peacefully looking at the window, thinking about nature. And when the teacher scolded him, he immediately became upset. Even some of his friends laughed at him for getting scolded by the teacher.

Then came the science class. Mr. Louis. Jack’s favorite teacher.
Actually not only his, Mr. Louis is everyone’s favorite. He teaches the students in a very friendly and calm manner.

When he was about to start his explanation, he noticed Jack was sad.

Mr. Louis: “Jack, why do you seem unhappy?”
Jack: “Ah.. it’s nothing. ”
Mr. Louis: “Until Jack tells me the reason behind his sadness, I’m not going to teach you guys today.”
Other students: “Oh please Jack! Say it!”
Jack: “Teacher, I’m unhappy because of 2 reasons. The first reason is – Mr. Nick rebuked me as I was not paying attention to class. And many students laughed at me.”
Mr. Louis: “That’s a very unpleasant thing. Students, you should not have laughed at him. Every one of you got scolded at one time. How would you feel if someone laughed at you that time?
Anyways, Jack, why were you not paying attention to the explanation?”
Jack: “Teacher I was thinking about something.”
Teacher: “May I know what was you thinking about?”
Jack: “I was thinking about the nature. And every living thing related to it.
Teacher, have you ever imagined how selfish we are? Like, we are taking everything our mother-nature is providing us, and in return we give her so much hate! We throw wastes, cut down trees, kill the animals, and destroy the environment. Have you thought about a fish, chicken and cows? We are eating them like monsters and giving them nothing in return. How miserable their lives must be!
And trees, which give us oxygen, we cut them down! Thousands of trees are cut every year.
We kill animals just for our necessities. This is not fair at all!
And the seas and oceans, which gives us water to drink, we pollute them by throwing plastics and other materials.
And the cute birds, which make our environment beautiful, we’re killing them! Last New Year event, so many birds died because of fire crackers.”
Other students: Bursts laughing*
One of them even said, “Oh look! Jack has become our God! So care for nature. Haha!”
Teacher: “There’s nothing to laugh here. Keep quiet everybody. There’s nothing wrong in it. It is rather a good thing. I’d suggest all of you to think like Jack.
Jack, dear, you have talked something about which even adults fail to think of. You are really a good nature-lover. That too at this age! I’m proud of you.”
Jack: “Thank you so much teacher, you are the first person who’s appreciating me for this.”
Teacher: “It is a matter of appreciation. And don’t care about the people who mock at you. In life, you will find many people like these. They don’t like to see you doing something good. They want you to be worse than them. You have to ignore these people. Some people in life will help you to move forward, while some will try to put you down. You have to understand who your well-wisher is and befriend with them. And always try to not give attention to the people who can’t see you moving forward.”

Moral: We will try our best to protect and beautify our environment. We will avoid the toxic people in our lives, and be friends with people who actually wish for our well-being.

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