Soldiers:The Iron Pillars Of The Nation- By Sourav Sathish

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The soldiers are the pride of a nation. They are the one who protects the country from terrorists   as well as from different natural calamities, pandemic situations occurring across the country .Every soldier irrespective of their religion work together to protect their country. Working as a soldier is the toughest job in the world and it requires both physical and mental strength. They would never get a proper sleep as they would always be alert about the things happening in the battle field .

Soldiers are the people who want to serve their life for the country. They are the only people who do not care about themselves, family and their happiness. In each step a soldier is expecting an arrival of death, even then their dedication and patriotism to the country lead them to fight for the country. A hard and disciplined life helps them to be prepared to face every danger. They are forced to work in different terrain and altitude. Like every common man they also have family but for the country and for the people they are ready to sacrifice their happiness.

A soldier always deserves respect from each and every people. His courage and honesty must be praised. In today’s world soldiers are not receiving enough respect. Nobody have the time to recognize the values of the work they do. We lead a protected life without any fear because of the hard work done by the soldier. Before few decades at least, one member from a family was ready to serve the nation as a soldier, but now the number reduced that is, may be because of the insecurity felt by the new generation.

Main aim of each person is to earn something from their job and safeguard their family. Soldiers also have the same aim apart from their patriotism but many of the soldiers cannot secure their family goals because of the
uncertainty they faced in their work field.

Many of our soldiers lost their life in border and also in many terror attacks. Today’s generation is always inside social media but everyone is promoting and supporting big celebrities who plays the role of soldiers in movies and ignores the real warriors who sacrifices their life for the
protection of people. No one bother about how their family will live in their absence, what will be their kid’s future? Social media is celebrating news regarding dirty political fights and death robbery, looting etc, but the death of a soldier which should be important is not being taken seriously by any news channels.

Our political parties are spending a lot of money for the construction of religious buildings, statues etc. Instead of spending money our government must think of developing some organization which give full protection to the family of the martyrs who gave up their life for the country. Government should think about a township with full facilities at free of cost and should provide free education to their kids until they get a job. This is the best gift we can give to the martyrs. They are the only group of persons who is eligible to get the respect same as our national flag and our national anthem.

When a war breaks out soldiers are the first people who line up in front with their full courage and spirit. He is the true friend of the nation. So we must change our mentality towards the approach of our warriors. Give respect at the most and give them a permanent place in our heart .Salute the hero’s of the country.

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