Success- By Ann Tony

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When you hear the word ‘success’, the first thing which comes to your mind could be the images of celebrities, politicians, etc. Of course, they are all successful people but the secret to success is simple and anyone can achieve it. To me, the secret of success is hard work, patience and the determination to pursue a goal . Many people think that having a lot of money  or rich parents will make them successful. But the fact is money doesn’t make you successful,  it might give you certain comforts or may help fulfil some of your wishes but will never give you happiness  and satisfaction which is attained through success  achieved by  your own hard work.

Many people while doing their higher studies, select their streams according to the wish of their parents. But that is not correct. Success is defined as the achievement of one’s goal or dream. It is not the achievement of someone else’ s goal. Success can be attained in any fields. For example, when you notch full marks in your exam, you have achieved success. While on your way to success, you will have to sacrifice many of your wishes. But, all that will never go in vain, as when you attain success all those wishes will be nothing in front of what you have achieved. If you take the scenario described earlier, to score full marks, you cannot simply sit and score. You need to work hard. You may have to sacrifice your favourite T.V show or your play time. But at last when you get your results, there will be a smile on your face which gives you happiness and that is what is success.

To attain success, you need to follow your passion and  dedicate yourself to  it by working hard on it. You should also be confident and well disciplined, only then everything will go in order. Another important thing is that never look at the past and cry, look ahead of the future and do the necessary. Always set goals for future so that you have something to pursue. NEVER GIVE UP. Haven’t you heard of the story of the king and the spider. The spider never gave up until it finally made its web. So, if a small creature can do it, then why can’t we? Ask yourself and think deeply about this. Remember, as the proverb goes, if there is a will there is a way. Never try to be successful within a split of a second, you will never be. Try hard and work hard. There is no shortcut to true success.
Let us all work hard and try to give our best shot in achieving success. All your attempts  will never go in otiose. Remember, ‘No pain, no gain’.

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