Monalisa: The Art Of Mystery- By Sourav Sathish

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Art is a gift of God. An artist innovatively creates things. His creation expresses the emotions of his life. Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian legend gifted many remarkable portraits. The real genius Leonardo da Vinci painted the famous portrait Monalisa. Monalisa is popular all over the world because of its uniqueness. It is considered to be one of the best paintings by Da Vinci. The painting became so special due to its artistic creativity. Da Vinci is famous for his imaginative ability. In all his work we can find such new artistry creation. Da Vinci was not only an artist but also a draftsman, sculptor, and engineer as well. So he tried to incorporate all these abilities in his painting. When we keep an eye on his painting, we can find many puzzling things hidden in his painting. He was very intelligent and a mysterious man like his paintings. In Monalisa’s painting also we can find out many interesting things which we cannot figure out even today. Because of these mystical things Monalisa became the most noted painting in the world.

Essay about Monalisa

The painting was completed in 1519. The woman in the painting is calm and quiet with a mystifying smile. In this painting, Da Vinci tried to use the sfumato technique. Sfumato technique is one of the painting techniques for softening the transition between colors which is mainly used to focus on human eyes, lips, etc. It helps to blur sharp edges to create unreal life-like images. This technique is behind Monalisa's enigmatic smile.

There are many mysteries hidden inside this painting as mentioned above. The first mystery starts from the name itself. Who was Monalisa? Some say it might be da Vinci’s mother or his wife. Some theories say it’s the wife of a Florentine silk merchant and some theories say it's Da Vinci himself. Till now no one knows who is the woman in this picture. Many studies say some letters like L and V are minutely painted on Monalisa's right eye, which we cannot see with our naked eye. The study says it’s the signature of Da Vinci. Only a brilliant artist can do such a thing. Nobody knows why he put his signature in such a way.

There is some specialty in her smile as well. Monalisa’s smile seems to change with the viewer's eye direction. At one angle we feel that she is smiling at the same time, at another angle of view we feel like she is sad. This is the miracle smile of Monalisa. Her expression makes the painting so famous. Many people predicted the reason behind the smile. Some say it was because she was pregnant that’s why her face was showing happiness and at the same time she was tired. Another interesting thing is that Leonardo da Vinci hid a secret code in this painting. Monalisa has very fade eyebrows in the painting. Researchers say that da Vinci drew like this to hid the woman’s identity which he didn’t want to reveal. Even now studies are going on about the painting secrets of Monalisa. There are some symbols in the left eye which are not yet identified. This painting has the highest ever insurance value of 860 million US dollars. Once the painting was completed it was taken by the king of France and it is now the property of the French Republic.

Monalisa was Da Vinci’s masterpiece work. The controversies and the significance of the painting make the art and the artist more precious. People from all over the world still rush to the museum to grab the beauty of Da Vinci’s miracle. Monalisa hangs on the walls of the French museum with all its pride and mystery.

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