Artificial Intelligence- Killer Or Savior-By Sayantan Saha

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AI - KILLER OR SAVIOR ---Do you believe that once artificial intelligence becomes smarter than the human?

The world is taking quantum leaps in the field of artificial intelligence with the sole mission to provide mankind with the most comfortable life possible but with such rapid developments, skepticism is bound to appear.AI is present in everything from satellites to our phones. The sceptic's eye was raised by Stephen Hawking, who verbalized: "The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." Even tech billionaire, Elon Musk quoted “I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that." at an MIT meetup.

Essay on artificial Intelligence and school education

AI is mainly a self-learning algorithm. Since AI is much more competent than mortals, hence is quite probable that even a slight divergence in the goals of humans and AI can be harmful to us.AI superintelligence may grasp the spectrum of knowledge in unimaginable methods. In the modern era, AI is still not advanced enough to perform all human tasks. But according to AI scientists, it will take about 2040 to reach this goal, AI will always have a single objective to complete a particular task as efficiently as possible. For example, a weak AI, if given a task to end crimes, will improve law enforcement techniques whereas a superintelligence would find a more efficient method of completing the task would be to kill all mortals.AI doesn't follow any moral ethics and its purpose is to be extremely efficient. Though this is a hypothetically extreme scenario; still we should find a solution for the worst of situations.

These types of hypotheses are supposed taken into consideration. A term coined for this threat is known as technological singularity. Scientists are paranoid about artificial superintelligence as it could be the end of mortals as these would be more capable to complete phenomenal tasks humans would think as unachievable. There is the possibility that Artificial superintelligence might consider us insignificant and nonessential to them and might eliminate us. Even in the best-case scenario, they would make us their slaves like we are controlling the machines these days. One of the ways to overcome this issue would be to teach future AI, human emotions such as care and empathy and it is commanded only with strict guidelines. We are unable to marshal the response to AI superintelligence. Even if we are handed the perfect AI superintelligence; based on current economic and financial circumstances it would be extremely likely that there would be high levels of unemployment and widespread poverty. AI is using neural networks in the modern era which replicates the human mind. The reason for the unfathomable AI learning capabilities is because electrical networks travel at the speed of light compared to a human biological human neural network with 1/3rd of the speed of sound.

AI will learn and improve itself without any human interaction and will not find it necessary to follow basic software programming. As AI advances in the field of computing, it needs to understand positive human emotions like love, empathy etc. This is termed affective computing. AI can be a wonderful friend and a terrible dictator. AI incorporated in robots have been implemented in old age homes as a companion to the lonely elders left there, we can observe that this is much better than having no one to look after them. But AI has the connection to the whole of the internet. We use the internet daily and there is a sea of data to be used by the AI. This might be dangerous as the internet contains both good and unethical data which might corrupt the AI's cerebration processes and might cause harm to mankind. AI will also need needs to be made under high safety standards to protect us and have similarities in morals and visions for the betterment of humankind.

If considered, movie stereotypes are a fallacy as AI superintelligence would not need a sentient form as it could hijack any system without a desideratum for structure. Humans blindly trust their AI as they feel that AI is errorless but when AI does glitch it may cause unfathomable devastation.AI has already beaten world champions in many sports such as chess by Chess Genius in 1994, Go by AlphaGo in 2017 and has carried out many such marvelous feats. Go has the highest possible outcomes (about 10 ^170 possibilities). After a year of AlphaGo winning the game, a new version was developed called AlphaGoZero which defeated the earlier version 100-0. OPENAI has even beaten complex games like 'DOTA 2’. This proves the capabilities of modern AI has become and, in a few decades, it will become more intellective than all humans combined.

This though has a silver lining; humans have ingenuity and creativity which defies any set of codes and can hopefully never be programmed and hence even if AI becomes much more sophisticated than us mortals, we will still have an ingenious edge over them. The only feasible way to overcome this is to fuse our neural network with the AI such that only our mind is the controller of this neural network of Artificial superintelligence Throughout history, we have witnessed humans withstand the deadliest inventions of mankind, so we can hope for the best and try to upgrade ourselves by connecting ourselves to technology rather than investing time in perfecting AI. The true motive of mortals is to idealize themselves and hence should strive for this objective else our downfall is not far. The world is a wonderful place filled with opportunities and ideas floating in the minds.AI is a beautiful invention by man if handled properly by the right people else will inevitably cause mass destruction. Let us end on a positive note, we will become more linked with the technology we create and hopefully control the future AI with good and humane intentions.

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