Oh my mother !!- By Tulika Gupta

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In this poem I have potrayed India as forest and people as trees.This is an Independence day poem.

Oh, my beloved mother thee,
For ages you have sheltered me;
Held me in your tender arms,
Shown me the beauty of your warm heart.

In your wondrous wilderness was I once lost,
Lost in the midst of your evergreen;
Trees birthed from the seeds of diversity,
Together forming you, my divine queen.

And yet they didn’t fail to come,
Come and destroy your many beauties;
Tear you apart one by one,
Tree by tree and branch by branch.

The trees at first bowed to them,
Saw them as their liberating father;
But little did they know,
The power of the love of their mother.

But your might was too strong to overcome,
As you held your breath and strengthened your heart;
But nor was the war going to be lost by them,
For they were ready to tear you apart.

The majestic trees towered over them,
Together, the long branches swept them out;
As you looked down upon us,
And the free birds soared high without a doubt.

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