World Senior Citizen Day- By Malavika Vinod

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World Senior Citizen Day is celebrated on 21 August every year. The objective of the day is to  spread awareness about  the problems that the older adults face in our society and how to help them by putting a stop to elder abuse, health disorders, financial problems and many others.

Essay on world senior citizen day

Citizens over the age of 60 are called Senior Citizens or as some refer to ‘old people’. There are hundreds of problems these innocents face and what is more disappointing is that nobody ever pays attention to them.

On World Senior Citizen Day we remind the elders, of what they had accomplished and the things they did for the society. It is important that we fulfill the wishes that the elders have, which they consider most unique. We should always remember that they have spent sleepless nights and long days working for the better of us. In turn, we should look after their needs and try to always make them happy.

The short story “The Portrait of a Lady” written by Khuswant Singh is one of the best I have ever read in this regard. It tells us how the author lived with his grandmother during his childhood. When he went off to college, he describes the painful parting between them. When he became a young man, his grandmother was ignored and used to spend her time alone praying and feeding the sparrows. And, when she died, only then did everyone realize her worth. The story has a very touching end explaining how the sparrows never came again and the grief of the narrator too is poignant.

This story told me to always love my grandparents dearly and hold them close to my heart as they had always done. When they have their small wishes they hold important, the best we can do is to fulfill all of them and continue in life under the veil of elderly love.

I have not met my beloved grandparents in person for over 2 years now. But with the help of technology, we can still call them. They gather so much pleasure from a word with their small grandchildren. I call my grandparents every day and talk with them for long hours. Talking with a senior citizen is delightful and they give us such good advice which we must inculcate in our life.

This year, let us understand the importance of World Senior Citizen Day and spread awareness about the millions of elders out there who have been waiting for years. Not only on August 21st, but every day must be theirs. Instead of teasing and avoiding them let us try our best to find some time to praise them, to be with them and to be grateful for all they have done for us.

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