Equality- A Romanticized Idealistic Fallacy?- BY Sayanthan Saha

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Equality is a myth to protect the weak. some of us are strong in the Force, others are not. Only a fool believes otherwise.

— Drew Karpyshyn

essay about equality

Humans are social creatures and love to stay in the framework of a vast illusion that they are equal. Such a childish and frivolous endeavor has spanned out through generations of humankind. This is a highly controversial hypothesis laid out to the readers to enlighten them of the other side of the coin.

Equality is often called a journey and not a destination by many great minds. This begs to be questioned whether we are treading the right path in the first place, if so then what is the destination? Is it peace? Is it happiness? Is it enlightenment? What if this path itself is a misguided one originating from folk belief and idealistic approaches. Finally, the biggest question of all: ARE HUMANS TRULY EQUAL?

Heaven does not create one below the other but that's true only at birth. As life progresses differences become evident by the factors such as luck, hard work and lack thereof. Nonetheless, humans are capable of thinking, 'Equality' even if a false concept remains a difficult thing to accept. There is a reason though why it is such an attractive proposition, societal rules can only be effective if they at least maintain a facade of advocating the idea of equality. The continuous advocation of equality led us to this present belief.

From the beginning of one's life, we are divided based on gender. As we grow up, our academic and social capabilities differs and puts us in an invisible hierarchy. We may be also discriminated of various uncontrollable physical factors. We believe ourselves to be equal, which is just a fantasy we have created to disguise the harsh reality that we are judged at every single step of our lives from the moment we are born to the moment we die and sometimes even posthumously. Incidents occur almost every day around or to us, nuances, which show us the vast inequality that is still a dominant part of the present world.

There is a remedy to this though it's also a road less travelled called acceptance. Accepting our weaknesses and striving to grow, why wonder whether equality exists or not. We need to set aside, all those unpredictable and uncontrollable factors for excelling and focus on the tools in your arsenal to mould the future you desire. Making mistakes, having problems is all part of being a human. Our delusions, our shortcomings are what makes us 'unequal' or unique. We are all different, our journies are different, our experiences define our life and each life is a book worthy of the Booker's Prize. Just by changing our perspective and accepting our diversities, we will find true peace. This is the most optimistic conclusion I can produce for dear readers.

Unfortunately, these are just words, applying them effectively is a much more daunting task that requires a true change in human psychology and character. Emotions are one of the major pillars of what we define as human but this is also one of those factors which cause inequality. To illustrate, using the abridged version of the infamous trolley problem, where when given a choice between saving a stranger or a loved one we face a hurdle where if we seek equality then saving anyone shouldn't matter, yet when emotions come into play the answer will undoubtedly be to save the loved one and this breeds inequality. This further proves that humans have been biologically ingrained to be different in their choices and actions. There will always be a hierarchy, we can only strive to change its principles from external and uncontrollable factors like luck to factors like hard work and character. The bitter truth is that there is always bigger fish and a bigger pond, yet there is a silver lining, an irrefutable fact, given the appropriate time and effort even the impossible is attainable and we need to take solace in the fact that we give it our 100%.

Humans have never been and never will be equal, all have their limits which is made vividly clear at every turn of life yet this doesn't form a reasonable excuse to give up. The world with its uneven terrain will always have many foes and allies stronger and better than us but our fight is against ourselves, NEVER FORGET THAT.



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