Mother Teresa- By Ann Tony

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“Be faithful in small things because it's in them that your strength lies”.
The above line was quoted by St. Mother Teresa. Born in August 26, 1910, Yugoslavia, Teresa or Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu was a roman - catholic nun. She was also a philanthropist. Though she wasn't born in India, she selflessly served the people of India. She lived her whole life serving the poor and needy people. Mother Teresa wasn't her original name but after becoming a nun she was given this name after St. Teresa.

She was born into a catholic family and grew up as a firm believer in God. And because of this reason, she chose to become a nun. When she visited Kolkata (Calcutta), India, after completing her training in Dublin, her life completely changed. For 15 consecutive years, she worked as a tutor. Along with teaching school children she worked hard to empower the poor kids of that area. The first thing she did as a humanitarian was she opened an open-air school where she taught poor children.

For years, she worked alone with no funds. For doing her social work of teaching poor kids and helping needy people, she wanted a permanent place. This place would be her headquarters similarly.  So, with the assistance of the church and also some generous people, she established a missionary society whose main objective was to want care of the destitute. Later on, she managed to open several schools, homes, dispensaries, and hospitals through her NGO popularly remarked because the Missionaries of Charity both in India and overseas. She was an angel of hope for every pauper and woman within the globe. Mother Theresa  died serving the people of Kolkata (Calcutta) in 1997.  The entire nation mourned on her death. Many memorials were made in her honour by the Indians. Besides, several foreign countries also built several memorials in honour of this frail but saintly woman.

Mother Teresa must have found it all very difficult to start her mission. Yet she persevered. . When she left the comforts of her monastery behind and decided to begin a journey of service, many must have questioned her decision. But she didn't allow anything to bother her. She believed in God and His providence. This missioner led such a selfless life that she's visiting still remain a beacon of hope to many more within the years to return. Because of her good deeds, she earned great respect within the middle of various people. she's visiting always be my leader.

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