My Vaccine Experience- By Esther Alexander

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I groaned as my mom sprayed water on my face when I snuggled myself deeper into my bed. I didn’t want to wake up, at all. But my mom, well, she was darn stubborn and suspiciously more than usual. I then suddenly shot up from the bed as my mom poured water onto my hair. No one touches my hair, no one. I hate it. I shot an unnoticed glare at my mom before fleeing from the room before she could do anything else. I rushed to the bathroom and carefully dried my soaked hair. Seriously, nowadays people don’t even have to have showers. You just need my mom and don’t wake up when she calls you. And there you have it, a very easy morning shower.

Thinking of all this, I brushed my teeth and myself before heading back to my room. And there I saw my mom near my cupboard picking out……. clothes? Why was she picking out clothes? We weren’t going anywhere today, were we?

I went over to my mom, “ Mom are we going somewhere today?” I asked, curiosity evident in my voice. “Yes, you are going to get vaccinated today” my mom replied, still searching through my clothes. I froze as I remembered the description my friend gave me of the injection.

 “Oh yeah Mom, I almost forgot” I said, fake smiling. Why did I say that? Ugh. I just can’t stop putting that brave façade in front of everybody, can I?

 “Here you go. All ironed and neat” said my Mom handing me my clothes. It was a simple dress with floral patterns adorning the sides of the dress and a little button right at the top, finishing the look. “Thanks” I said, running out of the room.

 I quickly slipped on the dress while struggling to put on my socks. Now it was time for my …. Hair. I gulped. I hated when someone combed my hair. Especially if that ‘someone’ is my Mom. I could feel the shivers run down my spine as my Mom pulled me to the side and picked up the comb. I gritted my teeth as I felt the comb pulling through my hair. Then my worst enemy appeared. The knots. My mother yanked the comb through my hair. I wanted to scream as the comb cut up the knots creating a small cutting noise. But I closed my eyes shut, clamping my jaw tightly. Finally, as that was over, my mother tied a pink ribbon on my hair forming it into a low ponytail. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair but I’d rather have it cut to a boy cut than having it hang around my back like a …… curtain.

“Dad, are you ready-“my sentence was cut short as I saw my dad. He was styling his hair. And I thought girls took years to get ready.

I ‘hmphed’ and walked away smirking. This would be purr-fect for teasing, later. (A/N: I made a cat pun)     I loved teasing my father; it was a trait I had adopted from my mother along with a few others. My mother had always been very similar to me both physically and mentally. My father was usually serious and my mom, well she is the one that makes us laugh, but also annoys us.

I walked over to my living room and slid open my balcony. The light swept into the house, lighting everything up. It was so beautiful.  The beautiful sun rising over the horizon, birds flying in the air, the leaves rustling. It was such a calming sight. I wish if I could experience this every day.

My thoughts were cut short as my dad yelled in frustration “Where are those keys?” Ugh. Here we go again. This happens every time we go somewhere; either he loses his key or his phone. And today, it just had to be his keys. I groaned as I got back in and shut the balcony door. My dad was so forgetful. Regardless, I started looking for the keys; I checked the couch, behind pillows, under beds etc. But we couldn’t find it.

I slumped. I sat down on the couch, frowning. And that’s when I saw a glimmering shine from one of the boots placed on the ‘Welcome’ mat. Hope filled me as I crawled over to the pair of boots. I peered down at the boot and low n’ behold were the keys. I laughed. Hard.

My dad turned his head towards me, bewildered, not understanding what I was laughing about. I lifted up the keys, still giggling. My dad’s face lighted up like a candle as he saw the iron pieces dangling in the air.

He grabbed the keys from my hands and looked at it as if it were the most precious thing on earth. I smiled as he hugged me tightly, thanking me over and over again. It must have slipped from his pockets when he shaked his boots to get the dust off and the keys eventually ended up in there. Funny how pieces of iron can make someone happy. I guess I’ve figured out what birthday present I’ll be giving my dad this year

And finally, me and dad departed. We drove in the car in silence. But it was not a uncomfortable, heart cringing silence. No, it was more of a calm, comfortable and lovely silence.


I and my dad walked out in the blazing sun. I swear, it could be a 100 degrees right now. I could feel the sun’s rays sear through my skin and burn it. Why didn’t I wear my sunscreen? There were many people walking around in the area. It seemed that many people were getting vaccinated today. Just my luck. I just hope I wouldn’t have to wait for hours to get my vaccine.

We entered into the vaccination center. We had to follow this red stripped sign and walk in that path. Surprisingly, there was no rush in the vaccination room I was assigned to. Whew, what a relief.

If I have to be honest. I was kinda nervous and a little scared. ‘Esther, don’t mess this up. Be brave, just look at ceiling or something’, I gave myself a pep talk. “Esther Joe Alexander” called out the nurse. I slowly walked towards the nurse and sat down in a chair with a blue separator, giving it some privacy.

The nurse told me to take a deep breath. I didn’t respond at first and kept looking at ceiling but then I came back to my senses, doing what I was told. The shot was like a small ant biting your skin. I was surprised, to say the least. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. I breathed a sigh of relief as I got up from my seat, the nurse talking to my dad. I blocked out whatever they were saying and just stood there looking at the spot where I got the shot (A/N: Hey, that rhymes. The Part 2 will come soon)

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