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 Black hole is a place in the space which has the presence of very high gravity field  that even light can’t escape. Black holes are  fascinating and mysterious, its boundary is called Event horizon, Sounds interesting? Let’s get a little more deeper into it.

There are four types of black holes they are stellar black hole, supermassive black hole, intermediate black hole and miniature black hole. The most common black holes are the stellar – mass and supermassive black holes. Now let’s see about the 4 types of black holes briefly.

Stellar black hole-

The Steller black holes are 10 to twenty times mass to sun. Stellar black holes are also mentioned as collapsars. It’s formed by the gravitational collapses of a star.

Super massive black hole-

They are millions or billion times massive than the sun. It’s the largest type of black hole.

Intermediate black hole-

They are formed when stellar mass black holes merge with one another. It happens in crowded areas of galaxy.

Miniature black hole-

They are tiny black holes, its other names are quantum mechanical black holes, mini black holes, micro black holes.

Black hole was discovered in 1971.T The black hole is hot on the outside but very cold in the inside. A Black holes’ -diameter is about 78 billion miles and is estimated to be 21 billion times mass of sun. Black holes are formed when big stars die and collapse. Cygnus X- 1 was the first black hole discovered in 1964, it was located in the milky way. The first prediction of black holes was made by albert Einstein in 1916. In the region of our Universe, there are some 100 billon supermassive black holes, the one on the milky way galaxy is the nearest one. Scientists have thoughts that black holes can rarely move.

It may take 10,100 years for a supermassive black hole to completely disappear. The largest black holes are predicted to grow. Black holes may evaporate. A black hole is invisible  and its presence is known only by the gravitational pull around it. It’s invisible because light cannot get out of it. Black holes are black because they eat up everything around them including light. The one way for scientists to see black holes are the ring of bright light that forms around the black holes , through telescope which can detect the light. Time doesn’t exist in black holes.

A type  black holes has the tendency to grow, and form the most dangerous black holes. Currently the most massive black hole is the quasar TON 618. A stellar black hole has mass between 3 to 10 solar masses. Scientists believe supermassive black holes were formed at the time galaxies where. Black holes theory is, the  theory of general relativity. In 2019, April 10,the first image of black hole was taken. Katie Bouman was behind the image of black hole, she is a computer scientist. Our milky way also has over hundred black holes they are stellar black hole. Supermassive black hole at the center its known as Sagittarius A, its diameter is the distance between earth and the sun and has mass of 4 million suns. It’s a supermassive black hole. But its small compared to other supermassive black holes, its 25,640 light years away.

Well anyway , since the black holes are far away from the solar system ,our earth is safe from it.

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