Nikola Tesla: The God Of Electricity- By Sourav Sathish

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Science exists in every aspect of our life. Scientific discoveries and inventions made our life easier and more comfortable. Scientific discoveries have done miracles in human life. When we think of radio, we think of Marconi, when we think of electricity, we think of Edison. There are many more discoveries that are gifted by genius scientists. The progressive development of man is widely dependent on invention. The first discovery by humankind was the creation of fire, this invention made us superior to other animals.

As per Greek mythology, it was Prometheus who brought fire to the earth. Nikola Tesla is known as the modern Prometheus who introduced electricity to the world. Tesla was a man who dreamed of giving the world an unlimited supply of energy “.Invention is the most important product of man's creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs” these are the words of Tesla on the invention. He was also called the master of lightning. He was a man smarter than Einstein. He spoke eight languages. We have all heard the name Tesla but very few know his contribution to modern science and technology.

Essay about Nicolas Tesla

Tesla was born on July 10th, 1856 in Croatia. His father was a priest. He studied engineering and immigrated to the USA. He worked and locked horns with some of the most powerful people of America. Some of the prominent personalities among them were Thomas Alva Edison the inventor of DC energy, Marconi who capitalized on his invention, George Westinghouse who created Westinghouse electric company with Tesla, and the great financier J. Morgan who supported him in the initial days of his career. Tesla’s inventions helped America grow into a powerful industrial nation. Tesla was a visionary man. He was willing to give his life to his visionary.

Tesla started his career in Edison’s company. Edison installed the first DC power station at Pearl Street but the system was far from perfect. Tesla introduced AC power which rectifies all the drawbacks of DC power. To improve the performance of the DC generator Edison hired Tesla. He faced many difficulties and cheating from Edison those days. Within 6 months Tesla resigned from Edison's company. Later Tesla started his laboratory for doing experiments with the help of some investors. He developed the system of AC power generation and transmission that we use even today. The industrialist Westinghouse purchased all the patents dealing with the AC system for 1 million dollars. Tesla’s growth made Edison jealous and he tried to defame him in many ways. None of his activities discouraged Tesla. For the good and growth of mankind, he made more than 800 inventions. He is the man behind many of the modern devices that we use today. He was the man who introduced radio, radar systems, x-ray, fluorescent light bulbs, etc to the world. Tesla was the genius who made an artificial earthquake and lightning, nobody has created such discoveries before and after Tesla. He was the person who first designed AC hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls. He laid the foundation for wireless technology that we still used in radio technology.

In 1898 he demonstrated wireless control of a boat, after this invention he turned his attention to wireless transmission of electric power. In 1899 he got involved with the Colorado project and came up with a brilliant idea and implemented it to generate electricity from the layer of the ionosphere in our atmosphere and distribute the electricity free of charge to the people in every corner of the globe. For this, he made artificial lightning and produced electricity. That experiment was a success, but his dream did not materialize because his investor Morgan withdrew funding due to some issues.

Morgan was more interested in funding for a well-developed radio communication system but Tesla had less interest in that, his interest was to develop a wireless electricity system, which made a conflict between Morgan and Tesla. If Tesla’s that dream project had come true, electricity would have been available in all parts of the world for a pittance, and we did not need a dam or nuclear power plant later to produce electricity. We would not need petrol; all our vehicles were powered by electricity without the need for a single wire. During the world war, the US government destroyed the tower made by Tesla for the Colorado project due to some security issues. Tesla was against the war, he wished that all nations should be happy to be one nation without war, for that he made many discoveries.

The invisible wall is one such discovery. He described this invention as “Rays of Peace”. If any warplane or missile crosses the border this invisible wall will destroy it with the help of light beams. Here too he used the magic of electricity. Tesla understood that the United States planned to destroy the enemy country using this invention, so he ruined his invention because he was a man who made inventions for the wellbeing of the people. Another invention was the radar system which is being used in submarines even now. This helped the US military in many wars. The Rainbow project was one of his interesting inventions that invention helps us to make objects disappear. For this, he used an electromagnetic field. This invention was also a success. Nikola Tesla began manufacturing electric vehicles in 1931. Like all his inventions this invention was also astonishing. Tesla’s electric car which he made in 1931 was much better than the current vehicle named after Tesla. No one promoted this vehicle at that time as it could cause the petroleum industry to collapse. Eventually frustrated, he himself destroyed the vehicle.

In 1915 Tesla was nominated for Nobel Prize. Both Tesla and Edison were nominated for Nobel Prize in physics but Tesla refused to accept the Nobel Prize as he was not willing to share the Prize with Edison. The enmity between them discouraged him from receiving the honor. The world’s greatest genius died on January 7, 1943. During his last days of life, he predicted many events like artificial intelligence, the invention of solar panels and mobile jammers, etc. he also predicted the type 1 civilization of the world. Tesla was the most intelligent scientist the world has ever seen. Many of the items that we use today are contributions from Tesla. Big businessman Elon Musk named his electric vehicle Tesla in honor of Nikola Tesla.

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