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There are many people in society whose skills are not expressed in public; people pretend not to see their flair, because of being under unpleasant situations. Tapon is one of those people.

His father worked as a rickshaw-puller. Recently, he died in an accident. Tapon’s mother expired during his birth. Since then, he had been working as a servant in Mrs. Chowdhury’s house. His life’s been miserable from then- getting violated from his rights, getting scolded and beaten most of the days.
Tapon is talented, dedicated towards education. He’s an extremely good painter. But here, there’s no scope to practice painting. Mrs. Chowdhury’s son, used to ridicule him saying, “Where’s your mother?” Tapon used to be furious at him, but he was helpless. They used to give him rotten food, expired chocolates, and never gave him opportunity to educate himself. Mr.Chowdhury is Tapon’s own uncle, but he behaves very harshly with Tapon. So does his family.

He grew up in this condition, until he was 15, when Mrs. Chowdhury finally ousted him from the house. Now he had nowhere to go. He collected all his earnings from Mr.Chowdhury’s house, the total was lesser than he expected. He found out that, Mr.Chowdhury has deducted a huge amount of money from his share. But he had no-one to fight for his money.
He went to the streets with a gloomy face. He was to spend his life with this little amount of money.
On the first day out from the house, he bought a 5tk-chips and 1 water-bottle for food. He spent the night on streets, with thirst and hunger.

Many trash-collectors collect trash in morning. One of the trash-collectors, named Rahim, saw Tapon sleeping on streets. He woke him up, asked him about his whereabouts, and got to know he’s ousted. He was nice enough to offer him shelter.
Tapon told him about his struggles, and the neglect of his talents. At this he replied; “This is very usual in our country. Poor people are not treated well, whereas rich people are treated as if they’re gods. This will never end. But you should start practicing painting again. What if this makes you famous?“

Rahim: ”I’ve always wanted a kid. But destiny never gave me one. My wife died 2 years after marriage. The same time, I got fired from my job. Since then, I’m working as a trash-collector.
I’ll try my best to treat you as my son, Tapon.”

Rahim kept encouraging Tapon to follow his dreams.

Tapon: “Uncle, if you know any place that can help to educate me, please be sure to inform me.’’
Rahim: “I don’t know anything about this.”
Tapon concluded that he’ll work as a trash-collector, practice painting and try to educate him from any nearby academies.

He found a coaching, that gives free-tuitions to poor-children. He made many friends there. He discovered that he’s a good-student, and an excellent artist. His friends and teachers were amazed by his wonderful skill of painting.
Shumon, a friend of his, suggested him to make a video in which he will talk about his life-story, and upload it to social media. Tapon liked the idea, and asked Shumon whether he could borrow his phone for this. Shumon agreed.

One-day, Tapon brought Rahim to coaching, and told Shumon to start making the video.
Shumon :“Who’s he?”
Tapon : “My father.”
Shumon: “You said you’re orphan?”
Tapon: “Yes, I was an orphan, but God gave me a new father.”
Shumon:“Anyways, here’s the camera, now look to it, and talk.
Rahim: “What’s this rat-shaped thing? Why does it have a hole inside it?”
Tapon: “This is called a camera. Now, you’ve to look at it and talk. Ok?
Rahim: “Alright.”

They made a 20 minute video describing their struggles. Tapon told Shumon to post some of his paintings too.

The video had low views during the first few days after being uploaded. After 7 months, Shumon looked at the views and couldn’t believe his eyes- it had 50-thousand views! To them, 50k views meant a lot. Tapon gifted an expensive chocolate cake to Shumon as a reward, and bought one for Rahim too.
When he brought the cake, Rahim asked- “What’s this? Why is this black? Why does it have my name written on it? Don’t tell me this is poo…”
Tapon: “Shut up and quietly eat the cake!”
Rahim hugged Tapon and celebrated with the cake for “50k-views.’’

After 1-year, the video hit a million views- beyond their imagination! Tapon and Rahim grew so famous that they were on TV; reporters interrogated them and followed them as if they were celebrities.

Tapon participated in an art-competition and won the first-position. When he returned home with a gold-medal, he saw Rahim lying on the bed, sickly-pale.
Tapon: “What happened?”
Rahim: “Nothing dear. Maybe I’m just growing old. Oh! (Looking at his medal) You won a medal! That’s my boy! My blessings are always with you.”
Tapon thanked him wholeheartedly, but he understood that Rahim’s trying to hide something.

One night, Tapon reached home late. When he went to Rahim, he saw that he’s asleep.
Rahim usually snores whenever he sleeps. This time, the entire room was silent. He tried calling Rahim, but there was no response. He even brought a water-bottle and sprinkled water on Rahim many times. He still didn’t answer. He called a doctor immediately and found out that he passed away.
This broke him into pieces.
His friends and teachers supported him, and contributed money for his future.

10-years passed.

At the end, Tapon became an art-teacher. He’s living with his family, with wealth and happiness.
He makes sure to give full-attention to his children’s talents so that they’re expressed in public properly.

Moral- A person who can remain positive in a negative environment is a real person. Don’t be discouraged by your surroundings, start working for your dreams.

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