Technology and its Impacts – by Ayman Muhammed

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 We are living in a technology driven world, where the internet has exploded since the 19th century, and it has now become accessible to most of the families in 21st century. Technology definitely holds the future of our planet and  has brought  great impact in the field of education, medical science, industry, electronics, and communication. Can you imagine a day in our life without the application of any technology?

Essay about technology

Currently Technology is bringing a dramatic change in our life. In those old days, teachers used to teach students, and train them without the help of any Technology. Now there are robots even available that can teach students, serve food in hotels and restaurants, and can utilize to manage most of our daily needs. Today there are automated cars available in market which could drive by itself and latest of its kind is a car which could fly also. Technology has made a great leap forward in these years. The human era has passed through different technological inventions from the age of stone tools and reached till the artificial intelligence.

Can you just assume a quarantine day without television or mobile phone? Being stuck without something to entertain you is so boring for sure. However, our generation is so lucky to have an advanced form of Technology, having these mobile phones, tablets, television, and laptops which enthralls us. Nowadays how could we live without technology? Just imagine the old days, if this type of pandemic had affected earth we would have been locked in our homes with boredom. Do you know what the after effects of being stuck at home without something to entertain us? When we get stuck at home, we get deeply depressed with nothing to amuse us. In addition, many of us might have symptoms related to cabin fever. Here we have the Technology which helps us to sweep away the dark hands of cabin fever.

In the current period, Technology has helped us in education a lot, such as in the form of online classes, online video conferencing, online exams, and conducting online extra-curricular activities which has retained almost the same spirit as we had during the pre-pandemic period. Technology has made the education today a lot easier and increased the accessibility and flexibility to most of the common people. Online courses and online coaching give a better opportunity for those who can’t continue their regular graduation. With this online platform, we got a good time to see our families, friends, and teachers and share some moments with them. Online education heightened the ability to acquire and accumulate vast knowledge about current events, gives immediate updates, and improves the learning experience. Most important to notice that it helped many children in rural areas who can attend the online classes form their homes during this pandemic period.

Let’s look at how does Technology impact in the field of medical science today. First, it enhances the accessibility to medical information and data statistics, further by using various medical equipment's which works with most modern technology helps doctors to precisely determine the causes of diseases and could provide the adequate treatment. Technology plays an essential role in the struggle between human and various dreadful diseases during these periods. It helps the medical field a lot with the development of digital technology.

In the field of communication, Technology performs a sensational job. Technology has virtually diminished the whole world into small icons on our computer or mobile phone. It makes communication a lot easier, faster, and systematic. It helps us to communicate with our friends and families, email messages to a person mile away from us, or even attend an online program from any part of the world. We may start a day with any one of the social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram which brings the world closer to us. Communication has started in its dawn with passenger pigeons, then with letter, telegram, facsimile, telephones and now ended with mobile phones and E-mails.

At the beginning of 21st century, the Technology has made a colossal change in community with the evolution of virtual reality. It has transformed the whole world into a new digital world. Technology helps both young and old generations in multiple ways. The young kids and children could watch painting, learning, dancing, drawing, and singing tutorials while the old ones could watch news, fitness activities, exercise tutorials, read e-Books, and check recipes on YouTube. Technology helped the mankind a lot and it made our lives easier. We can imagine that the Technology in future will have further innovations and completely different than the present. For example, we have recent innovation as such instead of typing what is the weather on google, just have to pronounce it, and our devices would give us the answer immediately. Now with the help of technology scientists could edit the DNA of an organism. Technology uses in the field of Genetics and molecular biology to edit, add, remove, or alter at particular locations in the genome. Genetic engineering has helped the scientists nowadays to develop different vaccines for Covid-19.

Even though the Technology has evolved so much, any technical devices or a robot cannot replace the human in its fullest. We all know that a coin has two sides. Similarly, Technology has its positive and negative sides as it produces the output depends on one’s honest and dishonest attitude. We should identify the real intention and purpose of Technology and try to utilize the positive benefits. Now we can see in our society some are grieving and blaming about Technology on how it misleads children and spoil the character and behavior. Instead of criticizing the Technology, parent should educate their children and spread awareness about the positive part of technology and its benefits. Meantime we should not forget to show our gratitude towards the personalities behind the development of technology like Alan Turing, Charles Babbage, Vint Cerf, Bob Kahn and many more.

     “Technology will not replace the great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational” – George Courus

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