The Curse of the Golden Bird- By Esther Alexander

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The wailing was all I could hear. The cries of a lady who screamed in terror and agony. As if, the world would crash down any minute.

I jolted up from my bed, beads of sweat trickling down my face. What a nightmare.

The sun's light rays seeped through the thin curtains on my window. I pushed myself up from the bed and sighed. Another new day. Time to-


I turned around at the noise. The red-furred feline stood there wagging its tail like a….. Dog. That was my cat, Tissi. A weird one if I should say, she loves Camembert. The most disgusting cheese in the whole world. Who could eat that stuff all day? I shook my head and went to the cabinet where we stored all of this…. Camembert cheese. I opened the cabinet and scrunched up my nose in disgust as the pungent smell filled my nostrils. Tissi tried to jump into the cabinet but I blocked her with my arm, quickly slipping some cheese from it and closing the cabinet shut. I squatted down and handed Tissi her cheese and she walked away. *sigh* that silly cat.

One shower a few slips and a dress later, I was finally ready to go to school. I descended the stairs quietly.

"Good morning sweetheart, how did you sleep?" asked my mother sweetly. "It was great Maman" I replied, kissing her cheek. "Here you go, some lovely warm croissants right from the oven." my mom said, placing the warm, delicious goodies on the table. I dug into the croissants without a second thought. I moaned in delight, the lovely chocolate filling- melting in my mouth and the flakes decorating my lips. The soft dough, just blending with the taste. I felt like I was at the top of the moon. Well, I always felt like that when I ate my Maman's croissants.

But sadly, the croissants were finished. I slightly pouted before grabbing my backpack, hugging my dad, and skidding out the door.

I skipped to school in a jolly mood, the sun's rays searing through my skin didn't bother me one bit. Then, I came upon a huge tower. The Eiffel Tower. What a beauty. I smiled up at the tower and continued my way to school. Paris, such a place of beauty and a city of lights.

~Time skip- brought to you by Tissi's camembert cheese~

I yawned, as I walked sluggishly into the house. All I wanted to do right now was curl up into a ball and sleep.

"Hello sweetie, how was school?" she asked, sweetly, but a little too sweetly. Suspicious. I brushed it off and answered. "It was fantastic"

"I am going upstairs to slee-"my sentence was cut short by Maman. "Honey, I am going out to buy some groceries so would you do me a favor by looking after him?" she asked, lifting a cage with a golden bird. It had beautiful golden feathers, black feathers layering up like stairs towards the back. The bird had alluring green eyes. I stared at it, right in the eye. It stared back at me. Red flashed through its eyes. I blinked and shook my head. Wow, my imagination has seriously taken a toll on me.

I came back to my senses as I realized what I was asked to do. Great. Just my luck. Now I had to take care of this bird when I could be peacefully sleeping.

I inwardly groaned but agreed. I then quickly went upstairs to put my backpack and things away. Whose bird is it? Was it Mrs. Miller's? Probably, she has a new bird every month. She's ……. Let's say, bird lover. She has tons of birds in her house, kept in a special room. Though, I wonder why she gave us the golden bird. Was it a gift?

"I'm going now, be safe and take care of Sunshine" my mother shouted from downstairs. Huh, Sunshine was its name.

I shrugged it off and continued to load the laundry with the dirty clothes. Ugh, I hated laundry. I then walked out of the laundry room, tripping some clothes on the way.

As I entered my room, I could see a light shade of yellow and orange bouncing off the walls. I looked towards the light and saw the most mesmerizing sight. The Paris night. I could see from a further distance, the soaring Eiffel Tower lit up against the night sky. It felt like a huge candle had settled itself in the middle of the tower, lighting it up with a golden sheen. I could see the beautiful lights flicker along with the twinkling stars that adorned the beautiful night sky. The scent of mystery and melancholy blending with the Paris air delicately. The aesthetic taste is visible everywhere.

I sighed and went downstairs in my red polo shirt and black jeans. I went towards the kitchen cabinet when I heard some creaking. I quickly turned around to find myself face to face with a pair of green eyes. I stared at them, the green eyes pulling me into a trance. Red. There it was again, the flashing. I vigorously shook my head before composing myself. 'It's just a bird, Eleanor' I said to myself.

I turned away from the bird, continuing what I was doing. I grabbed my snacks and started walking towards the couch when I heard the creepy creaking noise again. I spun my head back, there it was, the bird looking into my eyes as if it were glaring daggers into my soul. I started hyperventilating. The eyes of the bird had started turning blood red. I felt shivers down my spine and then I met Black.

~A short Time skip to what happens next~

I blinked as my eyes fluttered open. Strong light hitting my eyes like a sword. I could hear voices, one was a strong and gruff voice, and another was a soft but desperate voice.

I slowly and cautiously pushed myself off the ground. I could feel my knees pop as I got up.

And that was when I noticed my surroundings. The place was filled with white clouds and a rainbow by it. Luscious green gardens were surrounding the area and a soft glow between the clouds.

"So finally you have awakened." said an unfamiliar gruff voice. I swiftly looked up to see a man, about the age of 50 or 60, looking at me with fire in his eyes. The man had silver hair, textured with black at the tips. His face morphed into one of anger. I was immediately frightened but didn't show it.

"Who are you?" I asked daringly. I could see the man's face turning confused for a moment before turning back to an angered face. " I suppose you learned some acting as well when you were down there" He said, anger seething in his voice.

"W-what d-do you mean?" I asked, now frightened. "Arghhhh" the man exclaimed with rage. Now, I had started hyperventilating but I could also feel something familiar building inside of me. I didn't know what it was, but it felt familiar.

The man was being hoisted up in the air and a …. Golden bird flew to his left shoulder. I froze. Sunshine.

What was that bird doing up there? Was it another bird that looked like sunshine? No, it couldn't be, the bird had green eyes just like Sunshine.

"You don't remember how you turned my son into a bird" he screamed, anger and rage all mixed. I did what?

"I never turned whoever your son is into a bird. I am no wizard to do things like that" I screamed back at him. I could feel my blood boiling. I never did anything. Why was he accusing me of something I did not do?

"You're a liar too, I see." He said, anger still in his voice. "What do you mean- I'm a liar too. I am no liar and I did not change your son into a bird" I screamed at the top of my lungs I could feel heat and fire rising in each part of my body.

It was then that I realized that this was… anger. W-Why would I get so angry? I have never felt this way before.

I didn't have time to think of that as a razor-sharp katana was lunged towards me. I ducked at the sudden action and swiped against the floor. I could see the katana coming towards me again.

I felt around my body for my pocket knife. My hand hit a cold piece of metal, I grabbed it and swung it against the sword. The katana and knife made a clashing sound. I remembered my fencing class

The man's wrath still smoldered, flaring hotter anytime I dodged his attacks. I parried desperately and countered another attack he had lunged towards my chest. My breathing had started going rigid but I could still feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins.

He yet again charged at me with his katana upheld, going to his fore swing and following it with a backswing. My knife met his and our eyes met. I saw the wrath and fury but also slight fear in his eyes. I pushed him back with my knife and managed to throw a kick to his stomach. He stumbled and staggered but recovered looking more determined than ever. He took another shot, this arching shot was too quick and his katana tore the fabric of my red shirt, inches away from my body. He managed to smirk and turned left and swung his sword towards me which I managed to parry.

We fought like this for a long time.

His sword and my knife hit against each other, each of us pressing harder. I felt myself growing weak. I had never fought against someone for so long.

My tip finally slipped past his sword, I jerked my head back as the sword swiped across my face, creating a gash on my cheek. In shock and pain, I stumbled and fell to the ground. My pocket knife had now hit the grass, barely making a sound

My cheek was burning from the pain, it felt like fire Blood crept out of my wound. I then saw, the man bolting towards me, his katana at his right hand. He was going to kill me. I knew it. I could see the katana rising. I closed my eyes waiting for the sharp pain to embark in my body, but it…never came.

Instead, I heard a familiar wail and a cry with the sound of a sword plunging inside someone. I opened my eyes to see a woman on the ground. She was bleeding; blood was splattered all across the green grass.

I then heard the sound of something dropping to the floor. My head jerked towards the sound. The man was frozen, his katana on the ground and tears streaming down his face. I watched as his knees gave out and he started sobbing.

I didn't understand. Who was this lady? Who was this man? Why did this lady save me? Why was this man crying for her? All these questions ran through my brain at the speed of The French TGV.

I slowly knelt. I didn't know what to do, so I just hugged him. Now, one would say it was weird to hug a person who had wanted to kill you. But, I felt as if this woman was someone special to him. I knew what it felt like to lose someone dear to you. I felt hot tears stinging my eyes but I wiped them away with my calloused hands.

I suddenly felt two arms wrapping around us. Both of us looked toward the source and saw a boy, about my age. He had beautiful golden hair and familiar green eyes. I blinked, and that's when it clicked.

"Sunshine" I exclaimed in confusion and joy. The boy looked confused at first but chuckled a little before answering "My name isn't Sunshine, it's Adrien"

I looked at him in confusion. I then looked over at the man, who had his eyes open wide, his jaw slacked.

"Adrien" he uttered in a quiet voice, shock evident on his face.

"Will someone just tell me what's going on?" I finally lashed out, quite annoyed. I've had just about enough of this.

"I will tell you exactly what's going on." said a strange voice. I quickly snapped my head to the voice, startled out of my wits.

There was a lady, cloaked in a baby blue gown. Her face was pale but beautiful. She had a little hat on top of her head, with a wand on her side. She had her hands folded into each other and a gentle smile gracing her lips.

The man, who I presume knew the lady, stood up. I could still see his face stained with tears.

"Please do, Solana." said the man. Adrien also stood up, respect apparent in his eyes. I too looked towards the person or fairy named Solana.

"When Amanda, "She started, referring to the lady on the ground, "realized that she was pregnant, she was overjoyed. You, Alejandro, were also overjoyed at the news." She said, pointing to the man, I fought with. "But her joy was short-lived, she being the Goddess of knowing, felt two forces inside her womb. One of anger and rage, the other of peace and calmness. Your wife knew that you hated Damien and his destruction ravens and this girl in her tummy was similar to them. She felt as if you would kill her at first sight."


"So when the babies were born, Amanda had taken Diana and given her discretely to the fairy of Ondines. She had then given you just Adrien when there were two babies." She said finishing that part. So, I was the baby who… who was given to the fairy of Ondines. "But, one day, all hell came loose, your daughter Diana, "she said towards me." Had heard the conversation between her real mother and her fake one and that had slipped the truth. Diana was furious at her father. She had thought he didn't want her. Hence, she had used her last lasting wish on Adrien which had turned him into a bird, and as the rules say; Any fairy or magical creature that uses their last lasting wish for evil will be banished from the kingdom. And, henceforth, she was reborn on earth without her memory." She said stressing on 'without memory'. Maybe that's why he had said all those weird things. But I had turned someone into a bird. But how did he then break it? “Still every curse has a solution, and your solution was a mother's tear," she said, now smiling widely.

"MOTHER'S TEAR!" the three of us said in unison, bewildered. Solana giggled, "Yes, a mother's tear." She paused before saying "A mother's tear can always break any curse caused by the conflict of her children"

So this woman was my mother, Adrien was my brother and Alejandro was my father. Did she give her life for me?

I felt two warm arms wrapping around my petite figure. It was Adrien. I couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears gushed out of my eyes like a waterfall while Adrien whispered sweet nothings into my ear. He gently caressed my hair and let me sob into his shirt. I then felt another pair of arms hugging both of us; it wasn't as warm as Adrien's but it was comforting. As the tears flowed, I could feel the gash on my cheek stinging. But, I gritted my teeth and wept. I could see all the memories flitting through my brain.

Alejandro- I mean father was also crying and as I lifted my head to look up at Adrien. I could see tears tingling in his eyes. I hugged him tightly.

It was a beautiful half-family reunion but the sorrow of losing someone dear to us was mixed with it. After a few minutes of hugging and crying, we separated.

We all sat on the ground, facing each other. "D-Do you forgive me" I asked in a whisper, my voice quivering. I could hear someone taking a deep breath and both saying "We forgive you".

My face lit up like a candle and I smiled a huge smile. "Will you forgive me?" asked father, guilt obvious in his eyes. I giggled "Of course I forgive you father". Father's eyes widened as I called him 'Father'. I giggled and soon enough we were all laughing.

"Diana, you are not supposed to stay here any longer," said Solana, with a stern tone. "The magic will wear off and you may drop to the earth instead." said father, also worried.

Just then, I felt my head feeling dizzy, my body felt weak and the last thing I heard was "Wait", until I met black, again.

~Time skip to when she's on Earth~

I awoke with a splitting headache. It felt as if my head had been removed and had been replaced by a bowling ball. My body felt weak and sore as if I had been climbing Mt.Everest.I cracked open one eye to be met with worried blue ones. My mother.

"Oh sweetie, you're okay." she said hugging me. "Sweetheart, what happened?" asked a deep voice. My dad.

"I don't know father, mother. I just fainted" I lied.

I felt guilty for lying to them. But I didn't know for sure if it was a dream or reality because I saw the golden bird still in its cage but weirdly enough the bird's eyes were blue, not green.

I shook my head and made my way up to my bedroom after dinner. The gash on my cheek had disappeared.

Was this all just a dream? Did it happen? If it wasn't would I still be able to go see them again? All these questions lingered in my brain.


'What was that?' I thought to myself, I tried hearing for any more noises. I didn't hear anything so I went back to my questioning state. Maybe it was the bird.


The sound erupted again. What's going on?

I slowly and quietly got up from the bed, wincing at the pain that shot through my body as I stood up.

I then proceeded to walk down the stairs. Was there a robber in my house? I tried to walk quietly trying to avoid any noise, but unfortunately, I had pushed my foot on my slightly creaking step. Great. I tried to quickly run to the person and see him/her.

But what I saw put me into a fit of laughter. There on the floor was a flushed boy in a white and black suit. His blonde hair was messy and his green eyes wide.

I stopped laughing when I realized that he looked familiar.

"Adrien!" I exclaimed, surprised. Was that reality after all.

"Shh" whispered Adrien, putting his finger on his lips. He had a sheepish face, being caught like this. I giggled silently and asked, "What are you doing here?"

He nervously laughed before handing me a letter. "I had to give you this before leaving, I'm so fur-tunate that it was you." he said, sheepishly.

Was that a cat pun?

I brushed it off, asking "Does this have all the answers I need?"

Adrien blinked before saying "No, No. This letter is just a welcome letter to our family. But what questions do you have?" he asked curiously.

"Oh, I wanted to ask whether I would be able to see you guys sometime" I replied.

"Of course you can, you'll be able to come every month on this same date and time will stop still" he said, happily.

Then another thought struck me "What about the bird?" I asked pointing towards the bird that was sleeping peacefully.

"That is a bird Solana had made to disguise any suspicion. But I don't think she was able to get my beautiful green eyes on it.

Oh. He was the cocky one, was he?

"Yes, but at least she has my beautiful blue eyes," I said, tilting my head towards him showing my eyes.

I smirked as I saw Adrien get flustered. He pouted and crossed his arms like a 3-year old.

I chuckled before giving him a surprise hug. I could feel him frozen but then slowly reciprocating my action. "Thank you" I mumbled into his chest.

We broke the hug and smiled at each other.

The big grandfather clock rung signaling it was midnight. Adrien looked at the clock and back at me.

"Looks like this boy has to get going. Cat-ch you later sis." He said, giving me a two-fingered salute. I watched as I saw him jumping rooftop to rooftop with this hooker.

I giggled slightly at his cat pun. "Goodbye brother" I muttered, in the Paris midnight air. I might've lost a brother but I got one back. I smiled happily and went to bed in a peaceful slumber.

This story is super long. I know but it was impossible to resist writing it. Fur-tunately I was able to write the whole thing in one sitting. Hope you liked it

See you later

Signing out


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