Let’s Get the World Infected With Smiles!- By Zoya Dingankar

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Let's Get the World Infected with Smiles!

I have written this article to aspire to smile in every situations and create an Epidemic of Smiles and get the world infected with smiles.


Do you know the perfect time to smile? No you don’t , then why do people smile only when they are happy or to express proudest moments of their lives  or achievements? No matter how you feel joyful , gloomy, furious just keep on smiling because it is a happiness you’ll find right under your nose.

The unacceptable fact is that people just forget their lovely smiles at times of nervousness, fear, anger but that’s absolutely wrong! Smiling helps each and every one of us to overcome all difficulties. This simple and beautiful expression has the  power to heal emotional, mental and physical pain, calm nervousness, and all kind of emotions. We must all be aware that smile is a medicine to all worries.

You can live a stress free, energetic and healthy life. You see smile is such a beneficial and free therapy . So never will you forget to smile! Shall  I share something special with you? A smile is one of the most powerful gifts that you can give to anyone! Yes, you are right you don’t only help yourselves by smiling, but you help others as well. I know someone can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. So your one single smile to someone can give gaiety and make them feel better. That one miraculous gesture has the ability to erase loneliness, remove all kind of worries, emotional, mental and physical pain, it acts like a wave of happiness.

For example you have to perform something on stage and you are extremely tensed whether you will perform well or not, whether you’ll do any mistake and many more negative thoughts, so the best think you can do then is smile. Indeed it’ll make you feel much  better and  boost you up. This is just one example but there many more situations when you can smile and step ahead!   I also do believe that smiling is some kind of language or action that every person in this world knows. Whenever you smile at someone he or she automatically starts smiling too, because it is infectious.

There is tremendous healing power in a smile and sharing one can be the nicest thing you could do. So if you pass on smiles, you make the world joyful and a better place to live in, it’ll change the world, maybe not the entire world but their world. So Just wonder, if daily you pass on a smile to someone and he or she gets motivated and feels to do the same, Then together its possible to create an epidemic. Not a destructive or dangerous one , a productive, advantageous and a helpful Epidemic. So tell me wouldn’t you like to get infected and make others infected as well ? Obviously a big yes! who wouldn’t ? So don’t ever let your smile undetected and together let’s get  the world infected!!

It is rightly said “ A Smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

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