Morality in the Modern World- By Prardhana Seraphim

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No morality can be founded on authority, even if the authority was divined – A.J Ayer.

Morality is a quality and a primary human value. It simply means to differentiate between right or wrong and act according to the processed decision. As humans we are gifted with the seeds of moral values; but unfortunately, due to the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives, it is quite unlikely that these gifted seeds are allowed to nurture and grow. At present we live in an environment of distrust we have been so rapt in wrongdoings that we never tend to focus on the good face of morality. The consciousness of knowing what is right or wrong has always been one of the most prominent circumspective behavior in human beings.

Essay about Morality

We have been well aware of the Black Lives Matter movement which was based on the murder of the innocent George Floyd, and the many wars and corruption we face in the world. Nelson Mandela in his celebratory speech after the defeat of the system of apartheid quotes these golden words - Those who conduct themselves with morality, integrity, and consistency need not fear the forces of inhumanity and cruelty." - Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela. When we pity the consequences of wrongdoings why has it been so difficult to choose and easily choose right? The answer to this question is – The world has influenced young minds that doing wrong brings you money and prosperity. Well, is it better to do wrong and to be immersed in guilt that always has your heart beating fast and alert even in sleep? or is it better to do the right thing and receive its good benefits and the innumerable advantages? The value of morality becomes more prominent we age from a baby, we are freely given the choice to do what is right or wrong, no in-betweens. We have a sharp tendency to be cautious in doing the doing of these choices; which is also why we quote the words – Young age is innocent but old age is deprived of innocence. Practically speaking, if we never knew what morality is we would be programmed robots.

Unfortunately, people tend to always choose the equal opposite of good – bad. Doing bad may be beneficial on the choice of thought, well that benefit is short-lived. It comes with an unwanted guest which is guilt. Corruption is the fastest spreading moral disease. When I would ask my parents about morality in their generation, the words I would quite hear are eye-opening. Robbery or crime was sporadic – being in jail or arrested would only bring a truckload of shame and pity on the person as well as his/her family. Oddly, the fact that there may be at least 100 crimes that take place in a single country at present, perhaps, I must say that it is an understatement. According to the FBI crime clock, A murder occurs every 33.5 minutes, a rape every 4.2 minutes, a robbery every 1.6 minutes, and an aggravated assault every 41.3 seconds. As a young mind, it is quite hard to take this in but it is reality and we cannot suppress it with expectations.

Moral values should and must be inculcated at a young age. Most schools in India teach moral science, but it is considered as an optional or a not- seriously- taken subject. Knowledge and morality go hand in hand. Students take it as a burden to study the subject because of the pressurized feeling of being tested, and henceforth go on in life without understanding its utmost importance in day-to-day decisions! Conducting tests on moral science and earning good grades does not qualify as being a morally expert human being. Moralization continues in our lives till we eventually meet our end; it does not abruptly stop at a certain age.

Undoubtedly, learning important subjects or topics such as science, languages, and mathematics should be well educated for students to survive and understand our evolving world. What if in the subject of chemistry, we are taught about nuclear energy, its great strength, importance, and significant effects it may have on us; are we taught about whether to use it the right or wrong way? Of course not. And here once again morality draws a fine borderline between intelligence and integrity. The person who invented nuclear weapons in this generation is known as a great scientist but it lowkey conveys that doing wrong makes you the best. This same intelligence if used wisely for good purposes and applications, would have made our world, a collectively wonderful place.

If it's so easy to do wrong why don't we make it as easy to do the right? Therefore, I would conclude this essay with a thought that we must and have seen the good in our decisions and try our best to eliminate the bad just so that we can make our world a morally beautiful place.

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