A Drop of Water- By Malavika Vinod

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My throat grew drier and drier. I looked up the sky just to see the blazing hot sun shining with all its might on me. I continued walking. Only one thought in my mind, if I had a drop of water with me…

2 days before…

I was excited to leave my family and friends for the journey. My friend Jane had invited me to go on an expedition to the Sahara Desert. Jane’s father was an explorer. He was an interesting man who was always away from home on one journey or the other. I had packed my bags by the late afternoon and got into the car. Me and Jane waved and kissed the last goodbyes as the car sped speedily down the road. We were to fly to Morocco and hire a car to drive to Sahara. I and Jane fell fast asleep as we had woken up early that morning. Before allowing my body to rest I asked myself, ‘Would the Sahara be as safe as we thought it would be? Or would it be the dangerous villain that many claimed it to be?

When we woke up it was around 6.30. After getting past security, we sat at our gate. By 7.15pm we boarded the flight and was all set for our midnight journey. I was still haunted by the horrors of the Sahara. I spend the whole night searching about ways to avoid the desert’s dangers.

The next morning, we landed in Morocco after an 11 hour flight. The Moroccans were very hospitable and welcoming. After reaching the hotel they gave us delicious food. It was planned that we would take out the rented car that afternoon and go out to the desert. We packed our bags with the things we would want. We all took a bottle of water and prepared to start our journey.

The drive was very interesting. We enjoyed watching the wildlife that the Sahara offered. There were gazelles, ostriches, antelopes and even the fennec fox. After finding a nice, safe place to camp, we put up our tents and collected some wood for the fire. After that while Jane and I watched a movie on our laptop, her father went out to watch the animals and birds. When he came back we roasted a wild goose that we had captured. After stargazing for a while, we snuggled inside our warm sleeping bags and prepared to sleep. As we had traveled for long that day, we all fell fast asleep.

That’s when danger struck. In the middle of the night when I woke up to adjust my sleeping bag I thought I heard some voices. But I knew it must be my imagination.

The next morning the sun dawned very bright. It shined hard on my eyelids and woke me up. I looked around myself. There was only me, the tent, some remaining ashes of the fire and sand everywhere. Jane and her father were nowhere to be seen. ‘They must have gone bird watching’, I thought. After eating a few slices of bread and some leftover geese I looked around for the bottle of water. It was nowhere to be seen. By this time I began worrying about my friends. I had read about kidnappers in Morocco Sahara and this situation seemed just the same. It was getting hotter and hotter. My phone said that it was 47 degrees Celsius. In a moment I began feeling thirsty. My instincts told me not to venture out into the desert while my heart told me to search for Jane and her father. As it involved my friends I followed my heart and after folding the tent, rolling up the sleeping bag and throwing a shawl over my head I started on foot.

As it became peak afternoon, I started feeling very tired. My knees felt like cream cheese and I couldn’t walk any further. I set my tent down, gobbled up a few pieces of bread and fell into a deep sleep until late. I woke up as the sun was setting and thought out my plans. I had no water, so I had to make it until my last, I had to find my friends and make it back safe as well. Things were looking very tough. But I decided that I had made up my mind and that I would do it no matter what.

I knew that my friends were kidnapped though I still had no idea where my water went. But until that night I made it without any water so I thought that it would be fine for me. Little did I know what I was going to suffer.

The next day I felt a lot fresher so I walked more. That afternoon while fighting back memorable thoughts of water and trying to eat my dry bread I heard far away gunshots. I thought that I may be getting closer to the kidnappers lodge wherever it is.

The other day I saw it. As I was walking in the blazing sun with my heavy burden I saw the small house where Jane and her father were kept captive. After hiding my belongings behind a thick bush, I slowly ventured towards the shack. I climbed in through one of the windows, my heart started beating so fast that I was afraid that someone would hear it. Fortunately, there were only two weak men standing in guard of my friends. Remembering my karate classes I fought down the two men and untied the ropes that held my friends back. After that, our actions were quick. There were two cars with the men. We took one car for the journey back and banged down the engine of the other so that the men couldn’t follow us. We grabbed as many bottles of water that we could carry and, piling everything into the car, we set off.

We spent the 3 hour journey telling our tales. AS soon as I got into the car, the first thing I did was to take a long sip of water. I never thought that water would play such an important role in my life.

“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water”

On the occasion of water week 2021(23rd-27th August) let us all take an oath not to waste water. It’s a gift. Let us save it.

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  1. Very nice story Malu. I liked the way you conveyed the message of importance of water through a story.😍😍👍👍👏👏👌👌