An Author’s Best Tool – By Litsa M. Joseph

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Reading this heading, you might think that an author’s best tool is his/her pen and paper. Well, it is not pen or paper. It’s something special, something magical. There are many authors in this world. Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl, William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Frances Hodgson Burnett etc. are some famous authors. Many people have read their stories and admired them. They have written some very magical and unbelievable stories. As you know, “Books are our best friends”, their books have entertained us and have been our best friends for life. But the question is, how did they write these stories? How did their stories entertain us? From where did they get ideas? The answer for all these questions is just one word – Imagination! Yes, Imagination is the answer. All famous authors of the world have used imagination to write these stories. So, do you know the meaning of imagination? No? Then, okay, I will tell the meaning of imagination.  It is the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. In short, Imagination helps us to do creative things.

Imagination is a wonderful tool to use in our daily life. Have you read the story of Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll? This story tells us about a little girl, Alice who is very bored by sitting beside the river under the shade of the big tree with nothing to do. She sees a rabbit wearing a waistcoat and taking a watch out of its waistcoat pocket. She is very curious and runs after it. She jumps into a rabbit hole (probably the hole of the rabbit) and here begins her adventure. Lewis Carroll has mainly used imagination to write this story. Have you talked to animals? Have you seen a pack of cards alive? Have you ever been taller at one moment and shorter at another moment? No! But Alice has. Can she really do that? No, it’s just imagination of the author. But, reading this story, you feel as if it can really happen to you, and you long to talk to animals or be taller or shorter. That’s because we also have imagination. If we have to understand the true meaning of a story, we also have to be imaginative. We also need imagination to see Alice becoming taller or shorter.

Everyone has imagination. If you see a bird flying in the sky, you will also want to fly like that. But as you can’t fly, you will imagine that you are flying. If you read a story of a dragon, you will imagine what the dragon will look like. It will look as an animal with wings with the ability to spit fire. It will probably be red in color in your mind’s eye. This is imagination. Imagining that you can fly, or imagining what a dragon will look like is Imagination.  And it is a wonderful tool.

Do you know what you can do with this tool? Well, you can write your own stories with this tool. When you read a story, you have to imagine what this part will be like if you are really there watching it. That will help you to understand the story better. And you can do a very good thing with imagination. If you are going to do something to someone, you can first imagine that you are in his/her place. Like, it’s your friend’s birthday. You will talk to him/her as if you don’t remember that it is his/her birthday. You will invite him/her to the park where you’ve arranged a birthday party for him/her. What will you feel like if that happens to you? If you feel happy, you can do that to him/her, but it you will feel sad, you should not do it to him/her.

So, now you know about an Author’s Best Tool. Imagination! Use it in your daily life, and you will be happy.

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