Nancy’s tale- By Reyna Mary John

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When running across the halls of the academy castle late at night, there was only one story that was ever told. The story of the ghost of a little girl who carries a rag doll and helps little kids to sneak onto the kitchens if they bring her sweet.


I point to the doorway of a brightly lit classroom across the hall. There stood a pale girl in school robes. Her brown hair parted into two simple pigtails about their age, if not a little younger. In her hands laid a hand-sewn rag doll, clearly made to be a present. You would have thought she was simply another student at the academy. However, at a second glance, you would notice a bandage wrapped around her head, concealing a gruesome head injury from sight.

It was a cruel prank. Nancy was childish and naive, having been born to her parents when they were in their greying year. Because of this, she was spoiled rotten, her parents didn't want their little girl to grow, so they treated her like a five-year-old until she was thirteen.

The old couple had decided that thirteen was a good age to send her to the academy and grow to become a wonderful mage. It was soon apparent to her that the way she acted wasn't exactly 'normal', but she grew and matured as she stayed at the academy, mentally reverting to a younger mindset only when she was scared and afraid. However, those few moments of weakness was what made her a target for the many bullies that roamed the halls. They pranked her often and manipulated her kindness. Eventually, she gained a friend among them, who chose to protect as a way to atone for his mistakes.

But he wasn't there all the time. He was stuck in the hospital with pneumonia and had left during the weekend. Her bullies seeing that her protector wasn't around, decided to play a horrid prank. The staircases of the castle were huge and often spiraled or split up into many sections. Her tormentors and grabbed her satchel and had thrown it down the staircase. She ran down the staircase to get them, but an accomplice of theirs pushed her down the staircase, causing her to tumble down the staircase. At a certain point, the staircase spiral, her body followed the momentum set at that point and fell off the railing, falling five stories, Her head hitting the floor with a crack that would haunt every student that witness that death for till their own demise.

She died in a pool of her own blood. Her skull split open on the cobbled floor. The teachers couldn't do anything even if they tried. Her heart had stopped even though the first person to approach her was only a minute away. Now she roamed the hallways of the school as a ghost, and her mindset permanently reverted to that of a young toddler. Her hands always held a doll, either one she owned previously or those that were gifted to her by the students of the castle; new and old.

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