Positive side of Pandemic- By Joann Johncen

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“And without us knowing, a dark cloud swept over us, eliminating our happiness, ecstasies and joys, and filled our hearts and minds to the brim with pessimism, hatred, tension and fear. We lost our contacts, handshakes became weapons, the world turned into a war field risen against a common enemy.’’

This is the……..I don’t know I’ve lost count of days. Been stuck at home most of the time, I’ve forgotten what my school used to look like, my friends and teachers seeming to be long lost people and wondering  if my past was just a dream in some faraway mystical land.

Essay on positive side of Pandemic

 Never did we ever think, not a single thought did we give to, never apprehended the fact that despite building the most powerful of nuclear weapons, rockets, spaceships flying cars and what not…That one day we’ll all be stuck at home facing the most devastating & fearful situation of our times just because of a teensy tiny microscopic little organism, and there would be nothing we could do against it. Our only weapon being social- distancing; unfortunately, something we had a hard time practicing , because we were obviously not used to it. If someone might have told us in 2019 , that the entire world would be under lockdown because of a spreading disease, hmm…..I think he would be sent for a thorough mental checkup.

 In the hurry of fulfilling our wildest dreams, making piles and mounds of money and flourishing our businesses, we never bothered to pay attention to our “maybe” deteriorating body. We took our physique for granted, and in the race for money, ignored our priceless immunity which maybe the only ammunition we may have against this IMMORTAL enemy.

But for some days now, I have this  one weird question I keep asking myself , COULD THERE BE A POSITIVE SIDE TO THIS PANDEMIC? Despite all this tautness, distress & anxiety it is causing, could it be doing something good for us as well?

Let’s consider the situation of a fellow companion. It seems for years people have been thrashing her, destroying her life, and creating such a situation that she feels that she’s going to be extinct soon. She’s a very well-known personality, but she has been getting old, losing some of her extravagant features. We might all be knowing her, she is MOTHER EARTH.

For years at a stretch we have seen more plastic than water in our oceans, factories and trades on forest land instead of trees. Sometimes thinking whether there were animals at all on planet Earth because we don’t see any of them around us, and being in the month of December but still feeling like it is June. Global warming, greenhouse effect, rising water levels , depleting ozone layer and pollution to such an extent, that we wonder whether we will ever see
the beauty of creation again.

Mother earth begged us to have mercy, it showed us its wrath through floods and cyclones but we continued our imbecile ways. We ignored her every call, her every cry.  And so earth took its own way of revitalizing itself, it set loose a petite virus, with the power of a God killing anyone and everyone in its path, rich and poor alike it eliminated. Confining and eliminating us to our homes was the only solution she had left to rejuvenate herself. She took that brave step to teach us all a very painful lesson.

The results are quite appreciable. Pollution levels have decreased around urban areas and industries by as much as 40 %, and we have begun to get a view of an environment as well as a taste of the air we might have in a less contaminated future. In Delhi, the smog has given way to blue and clear skies. This pandemic has resulted us with a rare quality of air we may not even have thought of attaining in the future. The Ganga has begun to look and feel like a Holy river once again, shimmering under the hot sun with none to interrupt its beauty. Its transparent surface show us clear waters with aquatic life and tortoises brimming with life. Wildlife and endangered species have begun to revisit their habitats, enjoying their ‘NO- HUMAN TO INTERFERE’ environment. Imagine seeing a bear outside your house or rare deer on the streets, THEY have begun to get a ‘’how, enjoyable life would be without humans” feeling. Aquatic life have also seen increased activity. The rare dolphin visitors which keep away from Istanbul coasts because of marine and noise pollution, have come back to reclaim the Bosphorous waters. In Turkey human life is seeing quiet days, but for the dolphins this is a reason and season to celebrate. Schools of fish have begun visiting the shores, probably thinking ‘US’ to be extinct. In Kerala’s Kozhikode, a Malabar civet, which is a critically endangered animal, was spotted walking on the road.

Nature is not the only one rejuvenating. We have begun to REALLY live our lives, begun to appreciate every aspect, realizing and revising our talents and hobbies, reviving our lost bonds and communications and spending more time with our family. Amidst this tension, we have found various things to occupy ourselves with, comprehending the various obstacles in our lives, understanding our thoughts, and more importantly we have learnt to be ourselves.  We have been ‘Eliminating our wrong thoughts and estimations, and rejuvenating the ‘US’ within.

  Could this pandemic be a blessing in disguise, besides the fact that it has been tearing our lives apart? Could there also be a silver lining?

Can a healthier mother nature be indicating a rainbow after this monstrous storm?

 Do you think this uninvited crisis might be preparing a surprise gift for us even though it has created irreversible chaos at the international birthday party?

It wholly depends on us and our thoughts. The way we take in this current situation and how much impact it has had on our lives. For some of us it might be hard to accept the fact that this cursed virus will bring anything good. But, sometimes it’s not only about the negative things, think about the positive side as well.

But the mission “Elimination for Rejuvenation.’’  

Has been completed by Earth whether we accept it or not.


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