Teacher’s Day- By Ann Tony

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A Teacher is someone who guides and inspires us- irrespective of his /her age. He/she is expected to create a wonderful human being out of everyone he/she encounters by enriching their mind by instilling values, morals, and ethics. Teachers’ efforts are recognized during the teacher’s day. They shape minds and hearts.

September 5th is celebrated as Teacher’s Day to honour them. It is the birthday of a political leader who gave great importance to education. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was appreciated and loved by his colleagues and students. After Dr Radhakrishnan became the President, his students requested him if they could celebrate his birthday everywhere in the country. He told his students that he would have felt better if they celebrated his birthday as Teacher’s Day instead. From 1962, 5th September is widely celebrated as Teacher’s Day.

The contributions, pains and hard work made by teachers never go unobserved. Teachers play many roles in overall development of students such as:
• They guide children to pick up leadership skills
• They instill discipline into children’s lives.
• Also, they enlighten their students with spiritual, emotional and mental guidance. Teachers also stumble upon numerous challenges in their day-to-day lives, for instance, teachers are often unappreciated for their work. They have to manage disciplinary problems created by students as well.

September 5th holds lots of importance within the lives of teachers as well as students. The following are some of the reasons for celebrating Teacher’s Day.

1. You will be able to Express Gratitude: Teachers work flat out throughout the year to nurture students well. Within the lives of teachers, students always come first. Teachers continuously make students teach good habits. They make sure that students are disciplined and do well academically. Teachers encourage their students to take part in several outdoor activities so that their development is all-round. They put altogether their effort into ensuring that their students are evolving. Teacher’s day is an occasion in which students can express gratitude to their teachers for all they're doing for them.

2. It’s daily to Pay Respect: Teacher’s Day is that the day students pay their respects to their teachers. Teachers are the mentors and role models for students. They continuously show the students the proper direction in their life. Students perform various dances and songs and speeches to pay respect to their teachers’ toil and mentorship. They give teachers flowers, gifts, and cards showing their love, respect and appreciation for them.

3. It’s a Day to Strengthen the Bond between Teachers and Students: Teacher’s Day is a special occasion which can be used to strengthen the bond between students and teachers. Students dress up as teachers and take a category for the junior ranks. This could be one of the ways in which students understand the hardships that teachers face each day. Students understand the value of teachers and their labour.

Teacher’s day is very important within the lives of teachers as well as students. It's a very important day because students appreciate and respect their students’ toil on a day-to-day basis. They put all their energy into molding their students. Teachers will remain as great role models in the heart of every child.

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