Being A Responsible Individual- By Saron Satheesh Menon

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Our society is growing rapidly day by day. A society that comprises us individuals, makes up the whole world in which we are living in today.

Living under the same sky, all of us, whether young or old, have a set of responsibilities consisting of everyday moral values and ethics, to be a stable, sensible, and reliable individual.

To build a stable society, the fundamental requirement is a sturdy base, responsible citizens/residents of our community form this foundation to support the coming generations.

Being a responsible individual doesn’t only mean to copy down whatever’s said and told, we must be rational and practical in our everyday lives.

A responsible citizen is the one, who can differentiate between right or wrong. We must be the ones who spread awareness and messages. Through good acts and virtues, we will be setting examples for the young ones and others in our community.

To be happy and content with ourselves, live in the present moment and enjoy all the smallest things in life is one way to cope up with today’s standards. Learn how to cherish the close people in your life. Let go of the past, a whole new future is awaiting us all. Good deeds and kind words brighten the world to hope for a better tomorrow.

Stand up for yourselves and others. Learn from your experiences. The world is an open door to opportunities. Being independent and self-oriented is a skill everyone should pick up. We might always be able to live off others.

Basic moral values such as: Honesty, Kindness and Determination is definitely going to reach us to greater heights.

We have already moved on into the phase of technological advancements. To develop a more logical thinking, it is wise to let go of superstitions and beliefs. Quick decision-making skills and proper reasoning is necessary. There must be a code of conduct to run things smoothly. A good demeanor and manners play a vital role in representing oneself as trustworthy or capable. A person must face the consequences for his/her actions, blaming a third party is not a choice.

Serving our country, for benefits, should be one of our greatest priorities. Making ourselves a liable asset for the greater good of our nation, is crucial for its betterment. Each profession has its own pros/cons. Securing our future, by choosing the right path with the help of family and friends provides an array of opportunities.

Respect for our nationality and its people, maintenance of public spaces and property, are also other simple ways in helping to become a better citizen/ resident.

Families make up most of our world, without them, we would have never reached where we are now. As parents, taking good care of your children, raising them with proper education with nutrition playing an equally important role is a must. Spending quality time with one’s family, teaches them to create bonds and enjoy moments together. Education is the path maker of one’s life and helps in molding and shaping you to become a greater member of the society.

As kids, helping parent around the house, engraving quality ethics in themselves, and building up a good behavior is a next step to growing.

Let us all hope for a better society, with greater responsible individuals.

The best way to predict the future is to create it – Abraham Lincoln

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