Words Make Your Destiny- Reyna Mary John

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Remember your words can plant gardens or burn whole gardens down - Gemma Troy

Words are some of the most potent weapons that mankind bears in their arsenal. And while these weapons are great in battle, they are also brick and mortar, brick and mortar, which builds your lives and makes your dreams.

Words are everywhere. They are the printed ink in the pages of the book you three to the side. They are products of the ink in your pen and the graphite of your pencil. Words are what form thoughts. Thoughts form ideas. Ideas create plans. Plans lead to goals and goals pave the path to your destiny.

But they aren't just building blocks for your career, no. They are what you speak. And what you say influences others, and in turn, what others speak of you affect you. You are a collage of someone else's words, and somewhere out, there are people whose collage include you. But what makes you unique is what words you choose to use. Some hold on to the words that have praised them. Others hold on to the ones that hurt them. What we do with the words left to us is what is essential. Some wear the scars that were left by those sharp words proudly, highlighting their battles. Others hide them but show how they have changed just as proudly. Words make you and your destiny.

But what is destiny? Destiny is the so-called inevitable fate. Something particular that everyone knows will happen at some point in their lives. It is the future, as some would say. But what is it? No one knows. So we consider it a sort of future. And because the end is affected by the things we do today, the same can be said about destiny.

Our future and destiny can be affected by the words we utter. Why couldn't it? Our words will bring someone to life, break them, hurt them or heal, strengthen them or strike their knees. All of it is equal to the action it represents metaphorically. Words are capable of creating a beautiful future, but only if we give them the same value, we give actions. Actions may be worth twice as much as words, but sometimes what you tell someone will greatly outweigh what you did.

We say we cant control destiny that we can't control our fate. But is that really true? Yes, we can't dictate the events that will occur on the way, but we have the conscience to do the right thing. To say the right words.

Words are powerful tools; they can break or make a person. But they are if used right and even if they are used wrong what makes your destiny. Words are what leads to communication. And good communication builds perfects dreams. Dreams were thoughts, and thoughts were words. Goals lead to your destiny. And your destiny is your words, specifically how you use your words. So be careful of what you say but never ever be afraid.

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