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Online classes, we have all heard this very word these days, and I would be surprised even your one-year-old brother did not know about it. And if you didn't you must have been living under a rock!

We know that we are safe at home. We also do not have such a tight schedule anymore, and it relieves almost every one of us kids from kindergarten to the higher classes. The good things about online classes are that we have a more flexible schedule and do not get stressed out as much! It has taught us how valuable little details in our life are, like we used to hate going outside but now, it feels like the outside world is complete heaven compared to our own homes. Staying at home may be rough but, look at the bright side. We may be at home, but we get to be with our family, we can ask our parents what it was like in their time, and maybe we will get asked about too! Because for sure someday we will look back at this pandemic this day and say "I do not want to relive those days of my life ever again!"

There are a few downsides about online classes is that people who are socially awkward actually can not actually improve on their social skills. Another downside of online classes are that we have lost the comfort of our own homes because we used to take relief in our homes but now, we end up finding our homes to be a prison in a sort of way. Us kids, teenagers and even adults tend to lose focus because we are not in our work spaces where nothing can distract us, yet in our homes where anything could happen. For instance, we may have younger siblings who are rather hard to control and could come in during our classes and distract not only our us but our classmates too. Our school teachers do not pressure us to do our work, making most of us school kids want to finish their classwork, but now we do not have the pressure of our classrooms or our teachers to get us so hyped up to finish our projects. We are now being cooped up at home. It is like the place we used to relieve ourselves from all our problems and troubles have turned into our own prisons.

These days it feels like it is an ancient legend "The years we did not need to wear a mask!" Woah! That actually might make a great book cover! Even though having online classes and not interacting with people physically is hard and all, but we have to look at the bright side of things and not focus on the negatives because if we focus on what we have lost we will not acknowledge what is right in front of us. Well, that is all I have for today, so till I write again. Good bye and good day!

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