The Tipping Point- By Tushar Kanble

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There are a multitude of problems plaguing the world today. Dire situations that should be addressed to as quick as possible. However, in the struggle to fix these situations, we must not forget that the earth is at a critical stage.

As of 2021, the earth’s temperature has increased by 1.11°C. The temperature will only rise in the future by 0.8°C every year. This is a significant change -  some places  will experience higher warming than others. Higher temperatures worsen many types of disasters, including storms, floods and heatwaves. A warmer climate creates an atmosphere that can retain water, changing weather patterns all over the world. If the temperatures were to increase in the future by 2°C more globally, the deadly heatwave that India and Pakistan experienced in 2015 could become annual.

Many wildfires have sprung up and are only increasing in intensity. There were 58,950 wildfires in 2020 which burned about 10 million acres. 40% of the Amazon rain forest is now at a point where it could be called a savanna rather than a rain forest. Siberia, one of the coldest places on the earth, has an ongoing wildfire that has burned more than 7 million acres.

So, if the earth is at a critical stage, what can we do to save it? There are plenty of measures that we can do to prevent the earth from further warming. The world has taken several measures to reduce carbon emissions – such as the Kyoto Protocol. Kyoto protocol is an initiative to reduce pollution. A few serious measures can be further invested in such as the carbon tax. The Carbon tax is a tax issued on the carbon emissions required to produce goods and services. Carbon price is another significant method to reduce carbon emissions. However, much of these measures would not be that helpful if people don’t acknowledge the gravity of the situation and bring a change in their behavior.

Right now, all the world needs is more investment of stricter rules and awareness so that people will be wary when committing polluting acts.

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