World Coconut Day- By Ann Tony

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Who doesn’t like coconuts? Maybe there are some who don’t. But, is there anyone who can resist the delicious coconut water? It serves as one of the best drinks of summer. And personally, I like it so much. But the sad part is that I used to get to drink it only when I was in India. It’s been two years since I have visited my home town.

 I haven’t had coconut water in a long time, but honestly speaking, coconuts are tasty and refreshing. Coconuts have many uses. It is a high-fat fruit that has a wide variety of health benefits. All these uses are the reason why September 2 is observed as the World Coconut Day.

Coconut is often used as a food and drink. It is very rich in fiber and MCTs. Unsweetened coconuts can be added as part of a balanced diet. And one of the most important or known uses of coconuts is that we get oil from these fruits. Coconut oil is used for cooking and also as a skincare product. It provides antioxidants, moisturizes and reduces the symptoms of aging. Coconut water, or more popularly known as the tender water from a coconut, has thousands of medicinal properties.

Coconut Water  can be a boon to pregnant women. And the milk we get from coconut known as the coconut milk is included as a main ingredient in daily Indian cooking. Soaps are also made from coconuts. Thick ropes are made out from the fibres of coconuts. Not only that, these fibres can be used to make industrially valuable commodities like broom, baskets, weaving mats etc. Coconuts are also used for decoration purposes in the form of diyas.

Coconut day was first celebrated in 2009. From then onwards it has been celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. The main objective of this day is to spread awareness on the benefits and uses of coconuts. Coconut tree is also known as the tree of life or as the tree of thousand uses. The high salinity of soil is not a big deal for coconut plant trees. Therefore, it is no wonder that you find plenty of coconut trees around seashores. On the basis of a report from 2013, India produced around18.3 million tons of coconuts the previous year. India was followed by the Philippines with around 15.3 million tons of coconut. Coconut Tree is recognized as the national tree of Maldives due
to its benefits and uses. Coconut water is considered as the father of modern tissue culture science as well.

So, on this day of World Coconut Day let us all remember this wonderful tree with gratitude and spread its benefits to everyone. And most importantly, if you haven’t tried this fruit, try it as soon as you can.

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