An unexpected journey- By Rafia Muniyat

  • Contributed by : Rafia Muniyat
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I almost died in shock when I saw those skeletons hanging on the wall.

My friends and I went to play in the park as usual. We generally were not allowed to go to the edge of the park where there was a room which always used to be locked. Everyone among us was very curious and keen to know what was behind the door and why it was locked. But there was a security guard always roaming around it and he used to get very angry whenever he saw people trying to enter the door or wandering around it. So going to explore what was behind it was out of the question for us. But one day, our dream of exploration became true! The security guard was not near the door. My friend, Lisa, went crazy to see what was behind the door. She picked up a huge stone and tried to break the lock. Some of my other friends were also helping her. I was standing at a corner, anxious and excited at the same time.

Finally, they could open the door. As soon as the door was opened, we all got a very awkward smell. We then slowly entered the room, while the door closed by its own self. As we moved three steps, we all fell and went deep into the ground. Then we looked up and couldn’t believe our eyes- there were about a hundred skeletons hanging in the wall. And the smell became more strange and awkward. One of my friends, Rosie, was almost fainted after she saw those skeletons. Then we all got up and tried to find the way out of there, when I saw a door behind a hanging skeleton. We went to the door, opened it and saw that there were monsters eating human flesh when suddenly I could hear, “Get up or you’ll be late for school again.”

I laughed like a lunatic when I realized all of this was just a dream. But all the things in the dream were very vivid and realistic. The journey in the dream was totally unforeseen. So was the entire dream.

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