Covid-19- The Greatest Teacher- By Shrividya Mukherjee

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It is past one and a half years that we are locked inside-inside our homes due to the deadly pandemic of Covid-19. Children aren't able to go to school and the adults to offices. Their is misery and despair everywhere around us. So many souls lost their lives and so many unfortunate families crying devastated. Many lost their jobs and many homeless.

But is Covid-19 trying to teach us something?
Good morning respected teachers and my fellow friends. I am Shrividya Mukherjee and would like to deliver a speech on the topic 'Covid-19- The greatest teacher'. Indeed the pandemic has taught us many things-the realities of life. Firstly, the uncertainties of life. A person completely fit today is no more the next day. A person working today is jobless the next. Children suddenly stopped going to schools and there came a sudden halt to all of us. It was unexpected.

Till the March of 2020 no one could ever imagine being locked at home and wearing masks for such a long time. That is life indeed. We, as humans aren't sure of our existence the next moment but went on exploiting the nature and hurting it by poaching animals and cutting down trees for our own selfish reasons. This pandemic is a result of all the injustices that we had done in the past. Secondly, the real meaning to life. The pandemic made us realize that oppressing the weaker is not life. We continued to oppress the weaker before the hit of the pandemic without realizing that we are nothing different from them .

The virus affects the person without knowing his/her caste, creed, religion and financial rank. It's indeed a great teaching by the teeny tiny virus that the divine created humans and humans the system of 'caste/religion'. All these are man-made and unnecessary divisions that pull us apart and goes against the belief of the world is one. Thirdly, the importance of taking care of our family. Before the pandemic hit us, we were least bothered about where one is and how one is. It is truly our own responsibility to take care of our family and atleast talk to them and give them some time. One good point about Covid-19 is that it brought us together, closer and reuniting us as a family and standing together and moving on in our life.

As we lost some of our near and dear ones, we understood the meaning of relationship. A relation is not built by hitting a like to a post in Facebook or wishing one HAPPY BIRTHDAY once a year. It is more about caring for each other unconditionally. Unfortunately, due to the 'hectic' schedule we had, we were so busy that we lacked time to even calling the elders at least once a week knowing about their health and spending a little bit of our time meeting them in person. But, the pandemic brought us the amazing idea of having meetings online and it indeed became a blessing in disguise. So, we found out this amazing way of meeting our family online and looking back at the pages of our past and cherishing the memories and spreading happiness.

Lastly, it provided us ample time to ponder over our abilities, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and discover our true self that wasn't possible due to our lack of time. For example, I never knew that my sister is an amazing video editor that was unfolded in the midst of the pandemic. So, go ahead and try everything available to you because you are a bunch of talented people,

It is indeed true that we can modify a situation and make it better with a little of our time. And yes, we can call the virus to be our invisible teacher who taught us something that books couldn't teach. So, let us all use the situation in a better way and understand what the virus wants to teach us. Become better individuals and go ahead shining in life making the earth a happier place to live in.
Thank You!!

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