School Life-The End of One Journey, the Beginning of Another- By Theertha Aravind

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My name is Theertha Aravind and presently I am studying in class 11 in Qatar. Yes, the Qatar which is preparing to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Thinking about this topic made me revisit 12 wonderful years of school life- an amalgamation of joy, nostalgia, sadness, excitement, and friendship and so on.

I still remember the first day of school. I came to a building which was unfamiliar to me, yet was very welcoming. There I saw that there were many kids like me sitting and an extremely kind and compassionate woman greeted me. I called her ma’am since everyone else called her that. Little did I know that she would soon become like a second mother to me. The first year of school life passed on without any pressures or worries –me as a free bird enjoying school trips to zoos and parks and shops which all taught me so much.

Then began another journey as I proceeded to senior school. Some of the best memories are the annual days in my school. I participated every year in dances like folk dances, kathak, Odissi, Bharatanatyam. Those days of practice and stay backs were very enjoyable. Before that I was in the school choir. I remember an incident from 2nd grade. A boy used to poke me from behind as we sang. I used to find it very irritating. My mother then advised me to stand up to him and tell him sternly to stop doing that. After I told him, he never bothered me again. I learnt that in life, we have to learn to stand up to whatever we feel is wrong.

Another event I love is Rendezvous- the competition between the different houses in my school that are rose, lotus, lily and tulip. The atmosphere itself is enough to transform anybody into a festive mood. It is very delightful, with crowds of students cheering on their house. But last year I missed it because of the pandemic situation.

Nevertheless, our school did host it on an online platform. Even though there were no crowds, it was held very well. I participated in group dance. It was really fun to plan our dance. In the end, it came out well and we won first prize. It was a unique experience for me.

I remember one time when I participated in fancy dress competition as Mother Theresa. I was very confident but upon reaching school I was surprised to see that there were several other children dressed up as Mother Theresa. Still, I confidently went up to stage and spoke and won third prize. This taught me to always be self-confident.

Last year, the first rain of the year was when we were in school. As soon as we were let out, we totally relished the rain. Now you might ask me, ‘Really? Enjoying rain?’ Well, in Qatar, a rain is quite rare. So, we cherish moments like these. I believe in enjoying small moments in life. Do you?

Every year our school awards scholar badge and proficiency awards for doing well in academics. This has always been a motivation for me. I have got the proficiency award for 5 consecutive years. This is something which I shall look back and feel happy about.

Exams also are an important part of school. Even though exams can be quite stressful, they are like a festival, with all of us being very frantic of course, but it does build up our will to face problems in life. It also helps in expanding our knowledge. In my opinion, if there were no exams, I would probably not study much, so I deal with exams positively.

Thus, school life has many moments to treasure. There are several small moments which we shall always remember, with our friends, with people who we might not like, with people who make you feel good and so on. But more importantly, school life teaches us life lessons and values which we would uphold till the end of our lives. So, I shall enjoy this phase of my life while it lasts.









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