What Matters More: What’s on the Inside or Outside?-Hannah Zachariah

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“You give someone some new clothes, they’ll forget it one day. You buy someone an expensive watch, they’re not gonna remember it forever. But, you make someone feel like they’re worth living and pick them up from the pit, yes they’ll cherish it a lifetime.”

You see some things with your eyes, and then you feel some things with your heart. Now here’s the question: What’s more important in life- the seen or the unseen? What matters more- what’s on the inside or the outside? According to me, the things that really matter are never the things, I repeat never the things that are gained with money. You know, there’s beauty- some on the outside, like a pretty face, a slim body, gorgeous clothes....And then there’s the magical, beautiful beauty on the inside- a gentle heart, an amazing character, a human soul. And if you ask me to compare them, I would say that the inside wins without a competition, without a doubt. Coz there is a kind of beauty that a beggar can have, wearing ragged clothes and begging for money.

No, you don’t need a cute face to be beautiful, no you don’t need a mansion-like house to be valued, and no, you don’t need to have a doctorate degree to be qualified as an amazing, a simple, lovely human. To the people out there who think that they’ve gained everything in life just by having some money, a good job and a good house, do you really think that someone’s gonna stand up at your funeral and say “He had a big house and he would always walk around in the best of clothes?” Stop making your life about stuff! Because, trust me there is so much more to life than having an expensive pair of shoes or owning a Lamborghini car.

It’s always the unseen, it’s always the beauty on the inside that takes up a place in life. My parents always tell me some extra important things. And it’s that there’s no use if you grow up to be a billionaire or have a huge house if you’re first not a human. People are not gonna care about any of the accolades that you have if you first don’t learn to care, if you don’t understand that having a heart is 5000x better than having a PhD degree. Materialistic things are always always secondary. What comes first is who you are as a person. Having a good character, having a good heart...this will get you far more through life than having an attractive face or having some top awards in your name.

Guys remember, there are so many things that you cannot buy with money. You cannot buy beautiful relationships with money, you cannot buy a caring heart with money, nor can you buy happiness with money. So, please stop making life about stuff. Coz at the end of the day, it’s not about what you’ve bought or what you’ve accomplished, it’s about who you’ve you lifted up, who you’ve made feel better, and who you’ve loved that people will give a damn about.

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