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Leisure refers to the time when a person is not working or occupied. This is the time to be away from regular work for sometimes. People have many leisure activities such as stamp collecting, listening to music, gardening, photography, painting and so on. My personal favorite is playing the guitar.

It is well known that music has a powerful influence on human beings. It lightens our mood, reduces anxiety, depression and makes us feel calm and relaxed. Playing guitar makes me very happy especially when I feel down. It reduces my sadness magically. Guitar playing is overall beneficial to mental health and well-being. It teaches me a valuable skill and also boosts my confidence. I like to learn new strumming patterns and finger styles. This hobby is full of fun and it never gets old as every-day we get something new to learn.

Learning the guitar rewires the brain over time so that we can have faster access to the thinking left brain area. It also strengthens the hands, including the tendons. According to many researchers, it can increase IQ by 7 points in both children and adults.

People usually face severe depression when they grow older due to various reasons. In midst of this tension, we realize that we can’t recall things easily or forget things quickly. Stress decreases memory capacity, but playing guitar can help to remove the stress as well as it can increase our memory capacity. It can help us to sharpen our concentration, and improves our math and literacy skills.

People have to find time for themselves in their busy lives. Having a rich hobby can make us feel that we're enjoying our own company. So, I think everyone should have a leisure activity for recreation.

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