The Talking MoonFlower- By Shiven Rojasara

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In a place not far from mine, there was an old plant seller who sold plants in pots. During that era, the sales of corn were at their peak, but plants were not preferred much by the public. One lovely day, when I expected nothing out of the ordinary, the old plant seller came to my house when I was home alone. As soon as I heard the faint sounds of the plant seller, I rushed towards the door, opened it and, offered the old man some homemade orange juice. He delightfully drank up all the juice in a single gulp. He thanked me and mentioned that he was there to sell me some plants.

Now you see, there were very less plant lovers at that time, and I was one of them. I searched my house for a good amount of money worth the bouquet of violet and blue moonflowers that my eyes caught sight of. I found no more than two cents at home. For me, it would be the least amount of money anyone ever paid for caring and helping a plant to grow, but for the old man, it was a lottery. Once more, he showed immense gratitude towards me and went back home. Now it was time for me to start caring for my flowers. 42 Adrenaline was rushing through my veins like a bullet train, as I watered the moonflowers. Then suddenly, I heard a sound.

Thoughts in my mind were galloping fast. Maybe it was a giant behemoth that was there to warn me that he would eat me up because he thought I was delicious! No, it wasn’t the behemoth I had feared. So, I looked to find the person calling out to me. To my surprise, it was one of the moonflowers speaking to me. I hurried to the kitchen and threw a few sprinkles of water on my face to make sure that I was not dreaming. Affirmative, I was not dreaming. I slyly peeped into the kitchen and sneaked towards the bouquet of moonflowers. The moonflower said that I didn’t have to be afraid of it for it meant no harm towards me. I asked many questions from the moonflower. Like, how it was able to speak?

The moonflower replied to me that he was blessed to talk by nature. After a while’s chat, we both became friends. The moonflower begged me not to tell anyone anything about it. I promised the moonflower that I wouldn’t utter a word to anyone. Months after the incident, the beautiful moonflowers that I admired were stolen. I was heartbroken, but never complained to anyone. 43 For I knew that if I would dare tell anybody about the moonflowers my secret would be revealed to everyone and my promise to the moonflower would be broken. So, I decided to go and find the thief myself. After a day’s search, I realized that my neighbor had stolen it as I saw some footprints leading from my kitchen to hers. I angrily went to her home and asked her about the moonflowers.

She cunningly replied that she knew nothing about my friend, the moonflower. Now I had become so furious that I almost armed myself to hurt her. So, I took a deep breath and realized that it wasn’t a wise decision. I tricked my enemy by telling her that those talking moonflowers would die within a few days. I also mentioned that one could find those flowers anywhere and they only cost a penny.

On hearing that, she got so curious and greedy that she returned all my moonflowers to me and ran to every shop in the market, but all in vain for these moonflowers were one of a kind. I took my moonflowers back and rushed home before she could snatch them away from me again. I learned three things from this adventure. The first thing I learned was that, when you are kind, then nothing can stop good from coming to you. The second thing was that one must always arm themselves orally instead of physically. 44 The third and the most important lesson I learned was that always think before you act. These precious lessons will always stay with me for the rest of my life.

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