An Adventurous Girl- By Ann Tony

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Once upon a time there lived a girl named Mony. She was an adventurous and courageous girl. But her parents were always against her going to any adventurous trip. She too was sad about it but she did not tell anyone about it. One morning in the school, one of her friends said that she had tried her hands at an adventurous sport called ‘Bungee Jumping.’ When Mony heard this she too felt like giving it a try.

When she reached home from school, she started asking her parents to take her for Bungee jumping. But their answer was a big ‘’NO’’. She pleaded with them, but her parents remained firm in their decision. She understood that it was of no use asking them. Then, she went to her room and sat on her bed crying. Suddenly, she saw something shining on her table. She went near to see what it was. Then she remembered a letter that she had received from her friend a few days back. It was written inside that there was a running race to be held on the following week and the winner of the competition was going to be rewarded with a free pass to an adventurous trip.

She felt very happy when she read it. The following morning she woke up very early to practice running. She practiced until she felt she was fast enough to win the race. It was the race day. She was ready and was eager to get the race started. The race started. But while she was running, her ankle got sprained. However she didn’t give up. She continued to run. And guess what happened? She became the winner of the race. Her parents’ faces were beaming with pride. Very soon, she awarded the free pass and she went for the trip. At last, she could do what she was really waiting for.

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