The Sounds around us- By Chavy Chong

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We hear sounds all the time, no matter where we are. However, there are some noises that we dislike. Some people might like the sound of a violin, but some people don't.

I like the sound of birds singing. It is peaceful and relaxing. I usually enjoy hearing the birds singing when I wake up in the morning. I also like the sound of a piano. It is beautiful.

I also like the sounds of music. I would turn on the radio to listen to music. If there's no radio around, I will go onto my laptop to hear music. I also like the sound of the sea splashing gently onto the shore. It is very peaceful.

I also enjoy the sounds of light wind. It is relaxing. I also like the sound of nature. Like when you are in a jungle, you can hear the sounds of frogs, birds, and many other animals.

Now I shall tell you about the sounds I dislike. I dislike hearing the sound of a child having a temper. I think it is very annoying. I also dislike the sounds of others making noisy sounds when I'm doing something that needs a lot of focus. I also dislike the sounds of loud crying.

You may dislike the sounds I like, and like the sounds, I dislike because not everyone is the same. Well, that's all from me. What sounds you like?



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