How I convinced my parents to allow me to go to school- By Rafia Muniyat

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I almost got a mini heart attack when my younger brother screamed at me while I was in a deep sleep.

“Hey! We are going to school physically from tomorrow!” He shouted. At first I thought he was joking. But I have never seen him this serious in my entire life.
“What are you talking about? Are you mad or what?” I asked. He then quickly took me to the TV room and showed the news. I was dumbfounded when I heard the declaration- “Bangladesh government has finally decided to reopen all educational institutions after approximately more than a year.” Then the two of us began to sing and jump loudly out of enjoyment.

But suddenly, I realized my parents would never allow us to go to school because of the virus. So I became a bit unhappy. Seeing me sad, my brother shouted,
“You don’t know my power, do you?’’
“What power?” I asked.
“I can convince people magically in exactly ten seconds. Do you have this power?”
I grinned and said, “OK, I’ll believe you once you have convinced our parents to allow us to go to school.”
He jumped and screamed, “I CAN DO THIS! You’ll regret for not believing me at first, I tell you!”
Then we went to our parents’ room and he hid behind me when he saw mom staring at the TV angrily, cursing the government for reopening the school. I laughed and said to him, “Where is your power now, superman?” He remained silent.
Then I slowly entered mom’s room, making a very innocent face with the hope that mom would agree to us.
“Mom, hi, what are you doing?” I asked.
She didn’t reply anything and kept glaring at the TV.
My brother then came and said, “Come on, mom. We are stuck at home for more than a year now. I hate online classes. They are so boring. I miss talking to my friends.”
“Please allow us to go to school, mom.” I added.
Mom said, “Don’t you know the pandemic is going on? What if you catch the corona virus? What if we all die?”
I said, “Mom, why do you think so negatively? Please allow us to go. We promise we won’t open our masks even for a second.” Mom still refused.
When Dad came home, we tried to convince him too. But he declined our request as well.
Finally, my brother did something which made our parents agree to us.
He applied glycerin in his eyes and told me to apply as well, to pretend that we are crying. He accidentally applied a lot of glycerin which caused him to actually cry because of his eyes burning. He then quickly went to mom’s room.
“What happened? Why are you crying?” Mom asked.
He then fell on his knees and began to plead mom for giving the permission of going to school. My mom and dad finally agreed seeing both of us crying.
This way, our plan became successful and we went to school and enjoyed a lot the next day.

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One Reply to “How I convinced my parents to allow me to go to school- By Rafia Muniyat”

  1. This story induces fear of Corona virus. The corona virus and the pandemic is having lots of issues, but preparing a story based on it is not good. The children saying, power it is not power, rather the speaking skills. Saying power is un natural and goes towards fantasy which is itself un real. Putting mask will reduce oxygen a lot and making us breath C02 a lot. Will damage lungs. Also helps children to know there is glycerin we can use it to do fake crying. I seen 3 stories so far in this site and feel your website stories are not suitable for kids. I’m going to develop a website and will resolve all education issues. Will release soon