Poetry: A gift of God given to the world- By Mathew George

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This poem talks about how important it this wonderful skill called 'Poetry' which was given to Mankind by God. Through Poetry we can express our hidden feelings and experiences more than what we can actually convey to others in a speech or essay. It can be written anytime because poem is the only article that can express all the genres and moods like happiness, sadness, joy, poverty etc. in a beautiful rhyming line. This poem also tells us about the problems which are being faced by poets who write beautiful poems; most of the people only consider poets as a source of entertainment rather than appreciating them of their works.

Writing even a small piece of poetry,

Is more difficult than the easy work of pottery.

Making each and every single line in the poem rhyme,

Requires a lot of patience and energy, as it consumes a very long time!

Writing a small poetry is just like my own inner voice,

Which does have the voice, but produces no noise.

It’ s very true that all our feelings which cannot be physically expressed,

Can be written in the form of a beautiful sweet poem even when we are stressed.

No doubt, writing a poem is one of the most important type of literature,

Which truly shows a writer’s observation and his beautiful nature.

All the good poets in this world have very creative minds,

Which are God gifted and that is what someone like us rarely finds!

We, poets live in a beautiful world which is full of imagination,

But lo! A very sad thing that some leisured mindless fools consider poets as just as a source of recreation.

In each and every new quote,

That a creative good poet wrote,

Is not simply for someone’s rote,

As it itself contains a very unique and deep note.

To write a poem, a genius thinking mind is required alone,

For writing a verse or two containing a very peaceful sweet tone.

But bards require just a pen and a page,

To share their inner hidden feelings on an uncaged stage.

But most poets express everything they have experienced in their journey fearlessly, with the pen they hold,

As they are the ones who have a brave heart which is very bold.

They are considered as the most precious gift which was given by God to the world,

Having great value, they value more than pure gold,

Which is to be kept very safely and is never sold.



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