World After COVID-19- By Deeptha Krishnamurthy

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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc not only for lives and livelihoods in the present but also for the world of the future. This led to widespread poverty due to unemployment and inflation in many countries. The pandemic forced countries to formulate policies for universal health care. This led to advances in epidemiology, virology, and the development of vaccines. While all countries are fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is becoming clear that the post-coronavirus world will be different in many ways in terms of economic, social and health.

The year of coronavirus is over. But the virus is still around. We now have a choice of vaccines that can prevent COVID-19. Now the challenge is to vaccinate the world. We must remember the lesson of living in the shadow of Coronavirus. Cleanliness is what kept us alive. The importance of handwashing can never be overstated. It pays to maintain a social distance and wear a mask until the virus threat is really over.

People are afraid to go out. People are not participating in the happiness and misery of others. People got caught in the cycle of unemployment. Jobs are decreasing. But the coin has another face. COVID-19 is a blessing in disguise! Students get more knowledge in handling computer and software. Online education will become more popular as any distance can be connected using online meeting application. Learned to get to know different people well and live with them.

Most importantly, it has taught us to be healthy. When everyone is healthy, the whole world will be healthy. The stronger our immunity, the more we can fight diseases. If we want to strengthen our immunity, then we should eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. When there is a big problem like Kovid-19, people can easily face it. In the post-Covid-19 world, people will put more emphasis on higher personal hygiene and better healthcare facilities. Well, the feeling of family less has been awakened. Yes, it is true that our economy fell but it will rise again with the contribution of our people. Because there is life, there is a world.

The virus made us realize that God created all men equal. The virus did not differentiate between the rich and the poor; It infected everyone. Fame and fortune also didn't matter. Lessons are many. But most important was the value of health. A healthy body was the key to fighting the virus. Healthy people survived, the weak died. This is the biggest thing from the year of coronavirus. Good health is the greatest wealth.

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