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That day, I received my mail on my doorstep as I usually did because my house lacked a postbox. What was unusual was the paper airplane on top of the stack of envelopes. Those words so elegantly written popped out from between the folds, tempting me to read it.

Perplexed as I was, I unfolded the paper plane and ran my eyes through those words I knew I could never forget even if I lived to be a hundred years old.

Dearest Angie,

What can I start with but those words you now have heard a million times over? I miss you...

My arms ache for their former companions, those of yours that used to hold mine tight, fingers interlaced in a silent promise to never let go.

Then that fateful day, the unfortunate news arrived. That those beautiful blue eyes of yours had closed forever and wouldn't open again. They were gone... before I could give them a final glance.

I remember everything too clearly... But now, like the stars we used to sit under and gaze at, those memories seem too close yet farther than I can reach. 

I hope this letter reaches you safe and sound. And as difficult as it is for me to say this, I'll gather up my courage for I have put it off for too long. My love soars with every airplane I sent flying up to the heavens.

One day if not soon, I'll be able to join you. And I hope that that day, I'll be able to tell you face to face.

But for now, Angie, goodbye...


I looked up from the piece of paper and was surprised to see the tears in my eyes. I felt a little guilty for reading something that did not belong to me but what was done, was done.

The note was written so beautifully, I did not have the heart to trash it where it would rot along with stinky banana peels and other garbage. That wasn't where it belonged.

I folded the paper back along the lines. And on sudden impulse, I hurled it across the air, and watched the wind taking it along with it.

As it slowly ascended into the heavens, I knew that one day if not soon, that magnificent note would fall, or must I say, soar into the right hands.

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