My Worst Nightmare- By Tanvi Pillai

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Let me begin with this  “My Best dreams and the worst nightmares have the same people in them.”- Philiposs

Once you finish this passage you will understand why I quoted these lines.

It was a calm Friday, I was Watching T.V, I saw a short film about someone going to see a funny 3d movie and his experience. It was so engaging that I decided to go for a 3D movie.

But 3D movies were never a craze for me , I go crazy whenever I think of , because last time we  went to watch a movie without knowing that it was horror ,I almost screamed and skipped a beat. So this time made sure to myself and decided to watch a light hearted movie like Mr. Bean not a 3D movie. So asked my mom and she booked the tickets. And finally I reached with my cousins but to my surprise it was a 3D movie, my mom wanted me to watch this so that I get over the fear of 3D Movies, so I had to get on those ugly 3d glasses which was one of my biggest  nightmare. I land up with my cousins in the middle of the

 The surprise is not yet over when I wore those glasses everything went black so I thought the glasses had a problem so I took them off, but nothing changed i couldn't see anything and suddenly I get a big Jerk and I end up in a house sleeping .I wake and go around as if I knew the house, yes, I have seen the house!!! it was Mr. bean’s House and suddenly I look into a mirror and to my surprise I look like MR. Bean and I wasn’t sure what was happening I think I was in Mr. Bean’s body. I tried not to freak out! how could I not scream  but no one could hear me .

I was clueless of what was happening, then thought maybe I should sit and watch the movie to see if it was connected to the movie. So watched I saw Mr. Bean ate his breakfast and then went in his car to his work and then he was going to meet a crazy witch. So I knew my answer was lying with the witch he will be meeting .On his way to her he stopped to buy some candy for her. The reason for Mr. Bean to meet this witch was to find why his roommate the old woman was acting crazy.

As soon Mr. Bean enters the room the with senses something is not right she  finds out I was inside him and she pulled me out from his body and she told him that his roommate was fine you know why ? Because the problem was with Mr. Bean… Creepy right…..Yes so he heads his way as fast as he could the witch asked me who I was and then I told her the story, she consoled me and promised me to get me to the normal life if I drink a potion. As I had gone through a lot and I was not quite sure if it will work but she was a witch after all so decided to go through the experiment. And then I saw myself sitting in the theatre with my cousins and I was as normal as I could be and as nothing had happened. I just wanted to rush back home as early as possible to tell my mom the whole story but to my surprise she didn’t believe, and why will she believe as I had no proof .I was about to leave the room and I saw my Mom’s image in the mirror and you know  she looked exactly like the witch in Mr beans World.  I was terrified and got the chills, so do you think my mom knew what happened ...still wondering even now if she was the witch .…

Now you understood..

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