Lessons I Learnt from the Pandemic- By Hannah Rael Zachariah

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The world is not how it used to be. So much has changed. And the reason? A microorganism that is not even visible to us. And it’s ironic, there is not one person on earth whose life hasn’t been affected in one way or another because of the spread of the virus Covid-19. Personally, I learnt so many things in this past one year. I’ve grown, I’ve become a better version of myself. I started writing, and doing more things what I love. In one way, I really feel that Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise. It gave us an opportunity to learn new things, and to think to ourself that, “Wow, I’m really blessed.” In this article, I will be talking about some lessons I learnt from the pandemic. So, here it goes.....

All of us were running. Rushing up our schedules, so many things to do, that we don’t have time. We used to be so caught up with things that we didn’t even have time to smile at our parents, and spend some time with them. But what about now? I sincerely feel that the virus has taught us to slow down, to enjoy the little things in life, and put everything else second. There is no need to see life like a race. There is no need to do everything perfectly. And there is absolutely no need to run so much that at one point, you forget the purpose of your life. Take your time, go slow, and you’ll reach there, I assure you. As the saying goes, “The slow and steady win the race”, enjoy the little things in your life, because it may be these “insignificant things” that you wish for the most one day.

“I don’t have that, I don’t have this”, this pandemic has taught me to be thankful for the blessings that I have rather than nagging about the things I don’t have. Millions are dying, millions are losing their loved ones, and millions are just so done with life. The virus has made us realize that you don’t have to be 80 or 90 to lose your life, because even people in their 30s have been wiped out from the earth. Dear friends, we are so blessed. We have been blessed with much much more than we deserve. Even if we have lost some things like the freedom to go outside, or to meet others, we are so much more privileged than millions whose families have been torn apart in the pandemic. So, let’s all say thank you today. Let’s be grateful, and make it a point to pray for all the people suffering in this time.

“There is strength in unity.” The pandemic has proved to us how true this saying really is. In one way, I feel that the virus has connected us all together. Rich or poor, black or white, male or female, we are prone to get the virus as much as another person. Covid-19 does not show any discrimination, and I don’t think we should to. The virus has taught us to look beyond barriers, to see all people as one, and to widen our perspective. To love others, to pray for their well-being and to care. It’s essential to live a happy life, it really is.

If the virus enters our body, all of our bodies does not respond in the same way to it. That’s why some people get cured of it fast, while others lose their life. This has a hidden meaning inside it. And it’s that all of us are different, and all of our life conditions are not the same. Hence, it would be dumb to compare ourselves with others. “Life is the most difficult exam. Many fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.” This famous quote speaks so much meaning. We are all different and unique in our own way, and that’s the beauty of it. There is no need to compare yourself to others, and feel distressed about it. Like I said in the beginning, life is not a race. There is no problem in getting your degree after 25, or getting a job after 30. You are you, and your life is your life. So do not compare yourself to others, you’re amazing just as you are.

While this pandemic has countless negatives, there are positives too. Yes, there’s no doubt that this pandemic has made this world a disaster, but looking closely, we’ll realize that even if it’s in a small way, we’ve grown from it. Enjoying the little things of life, being grateful and not comparing myself to others are just some thing I learnt from Covid-19. But it’s going to be okay. Corona virus is not going to be here forever. And whenever we go back to our normal life, let’s make it a point to not forget what we’ve learnt and to live life in a better way.

In this situation where all of our lives have been ruined some way or another by Covid-19, I choose to look at the positive side and describe the lessons I learnt from the pandemic in this article. This article tells the readers that if we look at it the right way, Covid-19 has been a blessing in disguise, and we ought to learn some things from it.

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