Pigeons: An Eye Opener- By Sourav Satish

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It was a fine morning. The outside view from our balcony was amazing, the sun got up like a baby, the milky clouds moving around the sky, I enjoyed breathing the fresh air from my balcony, a flock of pigeons welcoming the sun by flapping their wings in the sky. Some sitting on top of our building seems like they are waiting for someone to come. After a long gap, I enjoyed the beauty of nature because that day I woke up a bit early. I enjoyed my coffee as well. The pigeons on our balcony were not a new thing.

I usually feel the presence of pigeons as a nuisance because they pluck all the leaves from my plants and make the balcony dirty, but on that day I set a close watch on the flock of pigeons, I enjoyed their gathering and flying in groups. Every night my neighbor keeps a big tumbler of water for the birds to drink. One exciting thing which I noticed on that day was hundreds of pigeons gather at the top of the building and sitting very calmly. I kept on looking that what they are going to do.

I thought some natural calamities going to happen because flocks of pigeons gathered from different parts of the building. I read somewhere that pigeons can realize the occurrence of natural calamities. I was a bit afraid, but after some time I witnessed a wonderful sight. A Pigeon which looks like their leader came near the water pot and started drinking water. Once the leader starts drinking the water then all the other pigeons came down and started drinking without any fight. What a disciplined life they are following I was amazed. I felt very happy while watching this amazing view. How obediently they are following the rule without any argument or arrogance. There I can see only the patience and peacefulness among the group.

Everybody’s opinion is that human being is the most intelligent creation of God but while watching the activities of the pigeon I recognized human is the most foolish creation of God because when we attain the ability of thinking we fight each other argue each other and kill each other for gaining power and money without knowing the value and blessing of his intelligence. Our life is fully materialized.

The life we lead is for acquiring money and power. We are forgetting the happiness and discipline of life while running after money. We have to learn many things from tiny creatures. They are living their life full of happiness they live in present and peacefully enjoying their life. There is no place for fight, hatred, and competition. Their disciplined life helps them to lead such a wonderful way of living which human beings are missing these days. The caring and loving nature of the pigeon must be inherited by us. In the new generation, everybody is lazy to wake up early in the morning including me. Only human beings are the groups that wake up late in the morning. We are the sixth sense group but when we compare ourselves with a pigeon we are senseless.

Nowadays humans failed to recognize moral values and the value of time. For us, it is difficult to follow the leadership commands whereas the pigeons teach us how to do such things. Even though they follow the group leader there is no fight between them. There is no greedy for other members to capture the position. These things prove that pigeons are far better than humans.

The pigeons are birds with calm nature and they are also living groups like human beings. From the life of the pigeon, we get the lesson that we also live in society without hatred competition, and jealousy. Love and care are the most beautiful things in the world which make life beautiful. So we must realize our negatives and try to rectify them before concluding that humans are the perfect creation on earth.

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