She’s still there- By Esther Alexander

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The droplets of rain pitter-pattered against the cold hard pavement. The sounds of the raging clouds rolling over the sky reaching my sensitive ears. I breathed out a breath. I loved the rain. It brought back…. memories. We would jump in puddles getting mud all over us. We would dance in the rain and twirl our umbrellas in the rain.  The next day though we would be in bed sick but we would laugh at our state.

As I walked down the lane, my mind flicked back to those days. Where everything was perfect. I sometimes wish if I could go back in time and change that past.

I blinked as I noticed the lovely sounds of the rain escape my ears. I slowly closed the jet black umbrella that was over my head. I lifted my head upwards. Stars shone like salt spilt over black marble, glistening in the sun. The beautiful stars creating patterns that burned into my head.  My eyes craved to see beyond the black night sky. To touch those glowing stars and hold it in the palm of my hand. The soft light from the moon highlighting each star.  The curtains pulled away to reveal such beauty. It suppressed the worries that lurked underneath my heart hidden by my fake smile. It was at this moment if anyone knew me would see my eyes smile and an almost invisible twinkle in my eyes. My breathing deepened just a little as my eyes swept across the black clad glimmering sky.

I walked towards the green field in front of me. My foot scraped against the ground as the moonlight highlighted the sharp blades of grass. I let myself fall to my back, grunting as it hit the soft grass. The scent of freshly cut grass filling my senses.

“Are you still there? Are you still watching over me?” I murmured towards the sky, my arms under my head. No response. I sighed, slowly pushing my hands backwards and getting up. I gave one last glance at the sky before grabbing the umbrella that lay lifelessly on the ground.

I started walking down the lane again. My footsteps echoed as my Mary Jane’s clicked against the pavement. The lane was quite abandoned to tell the truth, not a single soul present.

Just then, I felt someone staring at me and following me. I angled my neck and looked over my shoulder. I didn’t see anything. I just shrugged and carried on walking.

Footsteps sounded behind me and I whirled, half expecting to see a guy with a black hoodie, only to find darkness. I furrowed my eyebrows before walking forwards again.

I heard footsteps again, this time thumping louder and louder behind me upon the rock grated street. I was now sure that there was someone following me. I started picking up my pace, my heart thumping wildly against my chest. I could feel my scalp starting to sweat.

Then it stopped. Then it started again, this time in retreat. I took in a shaky breath before releasing it. My eyes widened as I observed the grass around me. It didn’t look familiar.  Shoot. I was lost. Please tell me this is a dream. My breath hitched as I heard a small rustle of leaves. My forehead crinkled in panic as I automatically groped for my phone. My fingers hit a soft leather cover. I slid it out of my back pocket jeans. The wind blowing against my face, calming me.

I dialed a number I knew all too well but before I could dial the last number I felt calloused hands covering my mouth. My brows shot up in surprise, my eyes widening like saucers.

My heart beat erratically. What was happening? What was going on? Who was this? I then felt my head spinning a little, my eyesight becoming a little blurry. I felt the hand tighten around me and then trying to push me into a bag but a sharp sword chopped off the index finger of the man. My eyes shot up to my savior to only faint the second I saw her face.


My eyes felt heavy as if there were two weights placed on them. My head was aching; it felt like someone was drilling a hole in my skull.  My eyebrows furrowed as I tried to open my eyes.

The minute my eyes creaked open I regretted it instantly. The horrid light above- piercing through my eyes, almost blinding me. My vision was blurry but I could see a huge mass right next to me.

I blinked again and again trying to make my eyesight clear.

I finally got my eyesight clear to see a plain white wall and my familiar bed. I reached out to put myself in a comfortable position when pain shot through my body like electricity.  I groaned in pain. I lay back onto the hard mattress when I felt someone shifting beside me.

I snapped my head to my side to see a man with jet-black hair that was tousled on his head. His tanned skin glowing at the sunlight that peeked through the thin curtains on the window. He looked familiar.

I furrowed my brows in thought, as it clicked. He was my-

“Angie! You’re alive” said the excited voice, he hugged me lightly. “I thought I would lose you, sister” he said, his blue eyes gleaming. I smiled and hugged him back, careful to not hurt myself.

We broke apart and smiled at each other.

“It’s okay Marcus. I’m fine now” I replied with a gruff voice. His eyes lit up, seeing me speak. I never really talked much and even if I did it would only be to a question or something of the sort. It had always been that way since the day I lost…. Her.

Ever seen the French TGV? Well, that was how fast the memories flew through my mind. What happened to that guy? How was I found? These questions ran but the one question that repeatedly followed was. How did she appear there?

“Marcus…” the words came out of mouth. Marcus nodded, motioning for me to speak. “ I saw her Marcus. I saw her. She saved me yesterday” the words came out like a whisper.

Marcus’s eyes widened as a wave of disbelief crossed his face. “Sister are you sure you was okay yesterday night” he asked worriedly, placing his hand on my forehead. I slapped his hand away and slightly glared at him. “I am telling the truth Marcus” I said, my voice raising a little.

My brothers eyebrows crinkled in thought before he spoke “H-How did you see her?” His eyes held emotions I was quite familiar with. Sadness, grief and pain.

I started softly, explaining the events before ending “She was there Marcus. To save me. Her light blue gown was flying away in the wind. Her face glowed like the sun, with her piercing blue eyes blazing in anger at the man. But t-then she smiled….” As I finished my sentence, I felt tears cascading down my cheeks. I looked at my brother to see a thin layer of moisture covering his eyes but happiness gleamed in them as well.

“She smiled Angie…” he said, his voice laced with happiness. I smiled too. Maybe she was there after al. Maybe she was watching after us. She saved me, didn’t she? She didn’t reply suddenly but she showed me that she was still watch over me….. Over us.

We hugged each other, basking in each other’s warmth as the rain hit against the window pane. I knew she was still there. We both knew she was there. We both knew that our Mother was still there.

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One Reply to “She’s still there- By Esther Alexander”

  1. Wow. This is just amazing. I really love your way of writing, it’s just so detailed and imaginative. Pls keep on writing more stories.
    Your huge fan,
    Malavika Vinod