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Teacher. The word reminds us of the loving hands that taught us to write our ABC’s, the soft voice which explained the meaning of LIFE to us and the digital face that appears on our screens today. We celebrate Teacher’s Day on 5th September all over India. On that day we can show our beloved teachers how much we love them for devoting all their time to teaching us and creating a better future for us.

In schools we celebrate Teacher’s Day by exchanging roles and playing many other games. In my school the Principal exchanges roles with the Senate President and the other members become the teachers of the younger classes. We also have special assemblies where we sing songs and present plays showing the importance of teachers in our life. We love presenting cards, flowers and lovely gifts to our teachers. On the Teacher’s Day of 2019, my class even threw a party for our teacher. It was full of balloons, shiny confetti and other things that our teacher liked.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radakrishnan, who was the second President and first Vice-President of independent India, insisted on celebrating his birth anniversary as Teacher’s Day for his passion of teaching. He was one of the greatest scholars of our country and was a professor in many universities. So on 5th September we can also remember the birthday of this great personality and be grateful for all that he has done for the country.

On this occasion we cannot forget thinking about one more inspiring teacher and personality who served as the 11th president of independent India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. After leaving office, he was a visiting professor at many institutes and universities. The great man who was born, brought up, studied, worked and died in India. Indians cannot celebrate teacher’s day without remembering this great teacher, as he always liked to be remembered as a good teacher.

If asked to explain what my teacher does for me, I would say that she guides, loves, takes care and helps me in everything I do. My teachers puts me on the right path whenever I wander away from it. In total, the small scolding and fights are just the signs of a great teacher, one who considers her students before anything else. So I try to show my teachers how much I love them and my gratefulness for all that they have done for me. Teaching is such a noble job. Teaching, the one and only profession that creates all the other professions. On this teacher’s day, even though I am not able to see and wish my teachers physically, I owe my love and devotion to all my lovely teachers out there.

Happy Teachers Day.

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