BEETHOVEN – An Artist who conquered his limitation with passion- By Saurav Sathish

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Music is a beautiful phenomenon that exists in every aspect of earth. The magic of music is hidden everywhere in nature. Take a moment to look at nature, From there we can recognize the beauty of music. We can enjoy a variety of sounds from our nature. Music is there in the flowing river, flying birds and the blowing wind, even our hearts have a rhythm. Often we fail to recognize it, that is the failure of man. Have you ever thought about a situation where we cannot enjoy the music of nature? Very few people have succeeded in recognizing this beauty of music, and they tried to open a new way of enjoyment.

We are surrounded by many artists who, with inner confidence and passion have transformed the music into symphonies and dedicated their creation to the world. Mozart and Beethoven were some of the artists who take music to a new height. Their symphonies remain a marvel to the world. Ludwig Van Beethoven was a unique genius who overcame his limitation and gave new life to music. His life is an inspiration to people who are worried about their limitations. It is our willpower and passion that overcomes all our physical limitations and makes someone successful. “Music is like a dream one that I cannot hear” This is one of the heart-touching quotes of Beethoven. He is the king of the symphony.

Beethoven was the creator of some of the best symphonies the world has ever heard. It is still a wonder that how a deaf man can be the creator of symphonies that the whole world enjoys. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in 1770 in Germany as the son of a court musician. At a very young age, he had proven his proficiency in playing the piano. He gave his first public performance at the age of 8. His father wanted Beethoven to become a great musician than Mozart. For that, his father trained him hard. The drunken father wanted to make a lot of money with his son's skill. Later he migrated to Vienna to learn music. Arriving in Vienna Beethoven performed several symphonies with Mozart. After his first symphony, Mozart praised Beethoven. Later the world listened to the rare music of the 2 legends. In a short period, he composed many beautiful symphonies. Gradually he was unable to hear the sounds of nature and the chirping of birds. He thought that he could not hear any of that sound perhaps because he was busy with his composing. Soon he could no longer hear the man's speech also. He could not hear his music which he love more than his life. He was utterly deaf. When he realized this situation he screamed. He even thought about suicide. If he had committed suicide then there would not be any world-class symphonies today. Beethoven wrote many of his most beautiful symphonies after he lost his hearing. He wrote many symphonies sitting on the ground by playing the piano. The vibrating sound of his piano was the basis of his music. Despite the adverse circumstances and the body, he did not give up his music. He had a passion for music. Although he could not hear with his ears he enjoyed music with the hearing power of his mind. Beethoven's dream was to create the best composition which no one had ever made before. He developed his musical taste through hard work. He realized that nothing could weaken his passion for music. Only his hard work, determination, and passion for music are behind his wonderful composition. He is one of the most respected and influential musicians in the world. The great German composer died in his apartment on 26th March 1827 at the age of 56.

Beethoven was an amazing artist who was proven that physical limitations are not a barrier to achieving goals. It is our willpower and determination that lead man to success. if we have determination and sincerity we can achieve anything in this world. Beethoven's life story is the best example of that. We all know our country won a lot of medals at the recent Paralympics. It is the result of the dedication of the participants. We need to cultivate strength of mind to overcome physical limitations. Passion towards the work and dedication leads each person to achieve their goals. “Never ignore somebody with a disability you don’t realize how much they can inspire you”

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