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I was so scared that I fell on the ground when I saw the huge tall man with the black weird hoodie standing behind me.- By Rafia Muniyat

After the tiresome classes were over and when I was finally preparing to go home, my friend suddenly Suzie screamed-
“Hey buddy! Today’s my birthday so you must come to my home after school.”
Then I immediately denied saying that I was very tired and drowsy and wished her happy birthday. But she was too adamant to listen to my words. So she dragged me to her house and I followed her like a sleeping robot, and I didn’t even notice where she was taking me to. Then in the road, in the middle of nowhere, she left me saying,
“It was a prank! Now you’ve to suffer on the road. BYE!” .
I could not recognize the place at all, and I was completely lost. I could not even follow Suzie because she ran away like a cheetah. I looked everywhere and the place seemed very unfamiliar to me. The people were so busy with their own work that I could not even ask for help from anyone. Then I decided not to cry over spilt milk and I tried to locate the school by myself but it only got worse. I got into a totally unknown alley, full of strange faces when suddenly I could hear a very deep voice from my back saying-
“Hey kid, are you lost?”
When I turned back I almost fell on the ground seeing the height of the man. He was the tallest person I’ve ever seen in my life. I couldn’t see his face properly because of his black hoodie. I was a bit suspicious whether he really wants to help me or if he's here to kidnap me. But I had no option other than taking his help. After a few seconds, he asked the same question again. Then I told him to show me the way to the school so that I could reach home from there. He then immediately took me to my school and disappeared all of a sudden before I could thank him. Whoever that person was, I would remain forever grateful to him.

Finally I reached home safely from school. However, I got to learn two lessons from that day- first one is that I should have made friends who are reliable and trustworthy. I took the man in black hoodie to be a kidnapper. But in the end he was the one who helped me out. I shouldn’t have judged a person by his cover.

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