Halloween- By Malavika Vinod

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Halloween. The word brings cold chills through the spines of some, while it also brings excitement and fun with jack-o-lanterns and spooky skeletons. Halloween or All Saints Day is celebrated in many countries by remembering the dead including saints, martyrs and all the departed. Many myths about witches and ghosts are said to come true on this eventful day.

But in a child’s mind Halloween brings hundreds of memories. Yes, Halloween includes many fun activities like trick-or-treating, making soul cakes, attending costume parties, playing pranks, apple bobbing, visiting haunted houses, playing divination games, watching horror movies, decorating the house and enjoying the huge amount of candy they get.

Halloween originated in Ireland and it is still much celebrated with lots of gusto as in the United States. Mexico, Italy, Portugal, England, Scotland and Canada are some of the countries who embrace the Halloween tradition.

On Halloween, there is also a huge variety of sweet food to be tasted and tested. Candy apples, caramel corn, pumpkin pie, bonfire toffee, and a huge Halloween cake are the most important treats. Children love Halloween because of its many costume parties. They dress up as zombies, mummies, vampires, scarecrows and many others. The top 2021 trends are to dress up as a member of the popular Netflix series Squid Game, a copycat, a funny nerd, Venom, an Among Us character or even a dramatic comic book character if you have really good drawing and makeup skills.

Pranking is also another fun thing to do. All the spooky decorations scare trick-or-treaters out of their skin, and some even hide small speakers behind cobwebs to finish up the frightening set-up. Children also love to trick-or-treat. They dress up in costumes and start on their journey through the neighborhood knocking on doors and ringing bells. With the usual ‘BOO’ they demand sweet treats from their neighbor's often coming back home with tons of candy piled in their little baskets and a smile on their faces. Parents and children all have fun sorting out the candy according to liking with a specific ration for every week.

Due to this pandemic many of your little ghouls may be downcast, worrying that their usual quota of chocolate and sweets may be taken away. But many of the concerned Daddies and Mummies have made up many ingenious inventions to let their children still have fun. Candy chutes along the handrail of the house will let down the treats come sliding down into the hands of the eager waiters. If you are too worried to let them out in the open, a scavenger hunt will certainly let out the spirit inside them. While they are asleep in dreams of goblins and werewolves, a creative parent will have the chance to prop up sign with mysterious clues on them, with a treat whenever they grasp the answer.

And at the end of the day when you are filled with all the sweets you had, there is still lots of excitement for the last fun activity of Halloween, watching a horror movie certainly sends goosebumps running on our skin. IT, Annabelle, The Conjuring movies, The Nun and others are very famous horror films of modern times. By now you must have realized the importance of Halloween. It’s about having fun, facing your deepest fears and learning to bond with different people. Hope you all have fun on this spooookyyy Halloween.


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