India-My Mother

  • Contributed by : Ann Tony
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  • Age : 13
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  • Article type : Poetry
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She stands with her head straight,
Tall and steady.
From east to west,
North to south,
Her beauty attracts everyone.
She has everything,
Deserts, monuments, culture, tradition,
Beliefs, natural wonders, water bodies….

She is the mother of religions,
Holding all the religions close to her heart,
There she stands with boundaries of blue tranquil.
She has the seven sisters at the north east,
Western and eastern ghats in the south,
Cold, icy Kashmir at the north,
The great, Thar desert at north-west.

She, the mother of languages,
Unites everyone with the statue of Unity.
She, the mother of Indians,
Holds our hands together.
She is my pride,
And I am proud to be an INDIAN….

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